Saturday, September 16, 2017

Original Courthouse Windows Available

The Tillman County Courthouse received new energy-effitcient windows last December.

Historical Society Selling Windows from Courthouse

Pieces of Tillman County history are for sale. The Tillman County Historical Society is selling old windows that were taken from the county courthouse when new windows were installed last December.

New windows at top. Old windows below.
The windows went on sale during the annual Arts 'n' Action Festival on Saturday, September 16. Windows that were not sold that day are still available at the museum during regular business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

        The historical society began the sale with more than 120 of the old windows, all dating to the building’s 1921 construction.

The oldest windows are distinguished by wavy glass. The wavy effect can be seen by looking at the glass from an angle, and is a result of glass production methods in the 1920s and age. The effects of gravity and time often affect the thickness and clarity of glass. Old, wavy glass is often regarded as a prized feature.

Old windows prior to removal from the courthouse.
Cost of the windows is $25 each for window frames with wavy glass. 

Over the years the glass was replaced in a few courthouse windows. These windows contain regular glass. Cost of each regular glass window is $15.

The September 16 sale began with a limited number of windows with heavy, opaque (non see-through) glass. All of the opaque windows have now been sold.

The old courthouse windows have metal frames. Most measure approximately 33 inches wide by 44 inches tall. A few windows are 40 inches wide. A limited number of windows with other dimensions are also available.

All proceeds from the vintage window sale will be used for operations and maintenance of the historical society’s Pioneer Townsite Museum.

NOTE: See September 11, 2017, post of "Tillman County Chronicles" for historical information about the courthouse construction in 1921.