Saturday, September 16, 2017

Original Courthouse Windows Available

The Tillman County Courthouse received new energy-effitcient windows last December.

Historical Society Selling Windows from Courthouse

Pieces of Tillman County history are for sale. The Tillman County Historical Society is selling old windows that were taken from the county courthouse when new windows were installed last December.

New windows at top. Old windows below.
The windows went on sale during the annual Arts 'n' Action Festival on Saturday, September 16. Windows that were not sold that day are still available at the museum during regular business hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.

        The historical society began the sale with more than 120 of the old windows, all dating to the building’s 1921 construction.

The oldest windows are distinguished by wavy glass. The wavy effect can be seen by looking at the glass from an angle, and is a result of glass production methods in the 1920s and age. The effects of gravity and time often affect the thickness and clarity of glass. Old, wavy glass is often regarded as a prized feature.

Old windows prior to removal from the courthouse.
Cost of the windows is $25 each for window frames with wavy glass. 

Over the years the glass was replaced in a few courthouse windows. These windows contain regular glass. Cost of each regular glass window is $15.

The September 16 sale began with a limited number of windows with heavy, opaque (non see-through) glass. All of the opaque windows have now been sold.

The old courthouse windows have metal frames. Most measure approximately 33 inches wide by 44 inches tall. A few windows are 40 inches wide. A limited number of windows with other dimensions are also available.

All proceeds from the vintage window sale will be used for operations and maintenance of the historical society’s Pioneer Townsite Museum.

NOTE: See September 11, 2017, post of "Tillman County Chronicles" for historical information about the courthouse construction in 1921.

Monday, September 11, 2017

County Courthouse was Grand Structure in 1921

Tillman County Courthouse in the 1920s

New County Courthouse was

Point of Pride in 1921 

   “Grand. Magnificent. Awe-inspiring.” Those were the impressions of Tillman County folks in 1921 when the county’s new courthouse was completed in Frederick.

   There’s no doubt that the new county courthouse was the most imposing building that had been constructed in the area up to that point.

   Tillman County had been created at Oklahoma Statehood in 1907, but county offices had operated since that time in rented spaces above downtown buildings.

   The new courthouse in Frederick occupied one square block between South Main and South 9th street – Block Six of the original Townsite. The land was purchased at a cost of $14,250. Several homes and businesses, including one of the city’s early mule barns, had existed on the site but were cleared in 1920 for construction of the grand new building.

   Cost to construct the new courthouse was $250,000.

   The four-story building included three levels of spacious county offices, a courtroom and judge’s chambers on the third floor, and a jail on the top level.

   The building featured an exterior of Bedford limestone, shipped at great expense by train from Bedford, Indiana. Interior finishes were in gray granite and marble, designed for beauty and durability.

   The building was designed in Classical Revival style by the architectural firm of Tonini and Bramblet. It featured a kind of foursquare arrangement, with wide hallways that crisscrossed the first floor, open to four entrances – on the south, east, north and west. It was a clean, highly efficient design that focused on efficiency over ornate detail.

   Although the building is similar on all four sides, its “front” was positioned to the south. A wide granite and marble staircase greeted visitors who entered from the south entry, leading to the upper floors. In its earliest days, a skylight above the staircase flooded the area with natural light.

   All parking was at the perimeter of the courthouse square. The building was surrounded on four sides by landscaped grounds and the new courthouse was often the site for “Kodaking” –photo-taking by couples and small groups.

   The architectural firm of Tonini and Bramblet was known for design of public buildings in Oklahoma and Kansas. They designed seven Oklahoma county courthouses, all of which bear some similarities of design to Tillman County’s.

   The courthouse was built by Charles M. Dunning Construction Company of Oklahoma City and Norman. The Dunning Company erected many public buildings throughout the state.

   Construction of the Tillman County Courthouse began in 1920. Concrete work of the building’s superstructure proceeded quickly through that winter, bolstered by mild winter weather conditions.
The cornerstone is located near the building's southeast corner.
   A cornerstone was set on the southeast corner of the grand new building in a Masonic ceremony that was held on Monday, February 21, 1921. A large crowd attended in spite of blustery weather. T.O. Davis, the county superintendent of public instruction, had declared a school holiday for students and teachers from all county schools who wished to attend the ceremony.

   The cornerstone itself was blue polished granite that was quarried from near Mountain Park. In keeping with tradition, numerous items were set in a time capsule beneath the cornerstone. These items included newspapers from every newspaper throughout the county.

   Finishing work and furnishing of the courthouse extended through most of 1921. All county offices moved into the grand new building in early December 1921.

   Fabrication and installation of metal cells, however, slowed work on the fourth floor jail, which was completed in mid-January 1922.


   Following are numerous photos of the Tillman County Courthouse taken throughout its many years of service to citizens of the county.

     Note: These photographs come from numerous sources including Tillman Historical Society Files. Several are used with permission from the website

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tipton Notables in 1926

NOTE: This “Who’s Who in Tipton” was published in 1926. It appears that individuals submitted their own brief biography for publication, probably for a fee. When this was published in 1926, Tipton was a booming young town. The area that is western Tillman County had only been opened for settlement for 25 years, Oklahoma had only been a state for 19 years, and the community of Tipton as a city was even younger than that.

Who’s Who in Tipton, 1926

(As published in 1926)

   Tipton is located in the northwest part of Tillman county near the north fork of Red river and has a population of about 1800. The town is improving rapidly and the peppy Chamber of Commerce is always on the lookout for opportunities for the improvement of conditions. The city depends for its trade upon the rich cotton, grain, alfalfa and melon crops of the surrounding area.

   The M.K.&T. railway serves the city with four trains daily, augmented by bus service to Altus and Frederick.

   Tipton has one double and 6 single cotton gins, 2 elevators, ice plant, oil mill, mattress factory, 6 garages, 9 grocery stores, 5 department stores, 8 filling stations, newspaper, municipal water plant and the Tipton Phone Company, and the Southwestern Light and Power Co. serves the city with light and power. There is a total of about 100 business enterprises in this thriving city.

   Tipton has a splendid public school with 16 credits and a corps of 30 teachers is employed. L.L. Clifton is the superintendent.

   The churches are well represented, the Church of Christ, Methodist, Baptist, and Primitive Baptist having good membership.

   The city officers are G.R. Phelps, chairman of the board; W.E. Johnson and C.F. Johnston, members; R.A. Parrott, clerk; and A.B. Carley, treasurer.

   Fraternal organizations consist of Masons, Odd Fellows (I.O.O.F.); Rebekahs, Eastern Star, Knights of Pythias (K. of P.), and Pythian Sisters.

   A contract has been let for the building of an adequate sewerage system in Tipton, and those in charge of the welfare of the city are optimistic of the future of their little city.


Adams, Mrs. Elizabeth – Beauty operator Lam-Te-Beauty Shoppe; born Missouri, 1884; educated Weaubleau, Missouri, graduate Lam-Te-School of Beauty, Oklahoma City; married J.W. Adams; Baptist church; one child, Echo Davidson; to Tipton from Chickasha.

Adams, J.W. – Farmer; born west Tennessee, 1860; educated Arkansas and Tennessee, married Miss Elizabeth Davidson; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; Knights of Pythias; five children, Ernest C., John Lester, Lena Pearl; Herman Pierce, Vivian Young; to Oklahoma 1901; was in grocery business before farming, built first potato drying house that was built in the county.

Allgood, J.R. – Retired farmer; born Winston-Salem, North Carolina, May 5, 1856; educated public schools North Carolina; married Miss Lucy J. Fleming August 4, 1885; Baptist church; W.O.W.; I.O.O.F.; five children Lena, Norman, William, Brighty and Edgar; came to state 1891 and to Tillman county 1902; no railroads here when he came; one of the first settlers in Tillman county.

Ammons, Dr. W.E. – Chiropractor; born Mississippi May 25, 1893; educated Carver’s Chiropractic College Oklahoma City; D.C.; married Miss E.E. Elam November 4, 1912, and Lola D. Shaw April 3, 1926; Baptist church; Mason; M.W.A.; Eastern Star; two children, Pauline Evelyn and Ann Maurice; resident of Tillman county since July 22, 1924; engaged in horticultural work 13 years Benton county, Arkansas.

Anderson, Walter R. – Anderson & Payne; insurance; realty and loans; born Collin county, Texas, October 10, 1871; common school education; married Miss Clara R. Hartwig November 6, 1910; Methodist church; Mason; Eastern Star; W.O.W.; one child, Nancy M.

Anderson, I.D. – Mechanic Dodge Agency; born Arkansas, 1893; educated Texas; married Miss Fern Melford 1920; American Legion; Christian church; W.O.W.; three children, Eugene, Ira and Wanda Lee; resident Tillman county 10 months.

Austin, J.F. – Partner and manager Ford Agency; born Hamblen county, Tennessee, August 12, 1878; educated at Weaverville, North Carolina; married Miss Jessie Peters August 30, 1905; member Chamber of Commerce; Methodist church; Mason; four children, Ruth, Margaret, Franklin and Wilson; to Tillman county 1902.

Bailey, Hurley – Employee Tipton Chevrolet Co.; born Tipton, Oklahoma, 1908; Church of Christ; resident Tillman County 14 years.

Bailey, Ralph – Manager Bailey Grocery; born Headrick, Oklahoma, 1906; educated Altus, Tipton, Frederick and Lubbock, Texas; Chamber of Commerce; Methodist church; lived in Tillman county 5 years and worked in Bailey’s Grocery 1 ½ years; played football and basketball two years at Lubbock, Texas, and one year track.

Beckham, Jake – Clerk Tipton Drug; born Texas, 1905; educated Oklahoma City and one year Oklahoma University Norman; Methodist church; to Tillman county from Oklahoma City; at Oklahoma City played football 3 years, track 4 years, swimming 2 years, baseball and basketball 3 years.

Benton, E.D. – Manager Benton Hardware Co.; born Illinois 1864; educated Iowa; married Miss Mettie Farrow 1887; mayor 6 years; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; A.F. and A.M.; three children, Beula, Leta, and Ernest; in Tillman county since opening of country; in furniture and hardware business 10 years; lived on farm 19 years; grocery and meat market business 10 years Kansa City, Missouri.

Benton, E.E. – Assistant manager Benton Hardware; born Kansas City, Missouri, 1898; educated Tipton and Kansas City; married Miss Alta Jones 1916; Baptist church; K.P.; I.O.O.F.; lived in Tillman county 25 years; manager Benton Hardware most of life; in service during World War, stationed at Little Rock, Arkansas.

Bian, O.L. – Farmer; born Pike county, Alabama, April 21, 1875; educated at Italy and Branon, Texas; married Miss May Benson January 15, 1905; Cotton Growers’ association; Church of Christ; eight children, Emma Lee, Noble, Clayton, Bailey, Dale, Flim, Mona and Ray; came here from Cleburne, Texas, 1899; built 20 miles of Frisco railroad 1901-1902; built yards at Mountain Park; machine driver on Orient 1888 for McGlothen Bros.; in New Mexico 30 years.

Black, T.G. – City judge; born Kansas, 1875; educated Texas; married Miss Ernestine Keeter 1894; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; Knights of Pythias; I.O.O.F.; one child, Adele; resident Tillman county 9 years; city judge 4 years; lived in Graham, Texas, 30 years.

Boaz, J.T. – Farmer; born Clear Springs, Arkansas, 1887; common school education; married Miss Chloe J. Baker October, 1909; A.F. and A.M.; I.O.O.F.; three children, J.T. Jr., Ada and Kathryn; to Tillman county November, 1910, and located in Tipton and started Tipton Drug Store, operated same until June, 1924, sold out and now lives on farm he owns 4 miles southeast of Tipton; Tipton was one year old when he moved there and he helped the town progress.

Boyd, L.G. – Farmer; born Denton county, Texas, May 4, 1885; common school education; married Miss Lillian Hasley 1920; Church of Christ; three children, Eula, Ida and Reanell; to Tillman county 1901, and settled south of Tipton and has been resident of Tipton community since; owns 120 acres of land 3 ½ miles west of Tipton.

Boyd, T.P. – Farmer; born Denton county, Texas, 1881; common school education; married Miss Etta Hooton 1915; Church of Christ; to Tillman county 1902 and settled near Tipton; owns 160 acres of land 6 ½ miles southwest of Tipton; worked here as cowboy before opening of country.

Breckenridge, Mrs. Aline – Manager White Front Café; born Hope, Arkansas, March 14, 1887; educated Gainesville, Texas, high school; married R.C. Breckenridge November 19, 1904; attends Presbyterian church; one child, George H.; resident of Tipton 8 years; in café business 4 years.

Breckenridge, Clyde R. – White Front Café; born Gainesville, Texas, November 19, 1886; educated Gainesville, Texas; married Miss Aline Franklin November 19, 1904; one child, George H.; to Tipton from New Mexico 8 years ago.

Bristow, Roy – Manager and owner Bristow Drug; born Cairo, Illinois, February 18, 1895; educated Kiowa county, Oklahoma; married Miss Virginia O’Donohoe April 17, 1923; Chamber of Commerce; American Legion; Christian church; A.F. and A.M.; one child, Virginia Lee; been in Tipton past 3 years; entered U.S. service June, 1917; located at Fort Logan, Colorado; Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and Omaha, Nebraska; discharged at Camp Funston 1919; medical corps.

Brunk, J.R. – Farmer; born Virginia, 1872; educated Virginia and Arkansas; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; lived in Tillman county 16 years; came from Arkansas; has lived in Oklahoma, Virginia, Texas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Bryan, John – Contractor and builder; born Warren, Missouri, 1869; educated Texas; married miss Fannie Ann Robertson 1899; Methodist church; five children, Johnnie Mae, Florence Wilma, Mary Margaret, Nellie Jane and Marion Jesse; to Tipton from Texas here years ago; builder Orphans Home and Baptist church at Tipton; been building engineer for 25 years.

Bryan, Mrs. John – Manager Tipton Café; born Cooper, Texas, May 4, 1884; educated Canadian, Texas; married John Bryan January 24, 1899; Methodist church; seven children, Johnnie, May, Loomis, Florence, Margaret, Nellie and Marion; to Tillman county 3 years ago from Texas.

Caldwell, John – Manger Blue Grocery; born Terrell, Oklahoma, December 27, 1894; educated Mt. View high school; married Miss Velma Young October 12, 1919; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; I.O.O.F.; M.W.A.; four children, Estis, Pauline, Thelma and John Leo; Tillman County 1 ½ years ago from Caddo county.

Campbell, A.R. – Manager Farmers & Merchants Gin; born Maries county, Missouri, July 7, 1882; educated Missouri and Oklahoma; married Miss Nannie Cook July 10, 1910; one child, Opal; to Tillman county from Kentucky 1904; farms his place and works at gin during the fall and winter.

Capps, J.H. – Farmer; born Green county, Illinois, April 4, 1869; educated in Illinois; married Miss Della Edmiston September 2, 1891; president Ft. Otter Gin Co.; Farmers’ Union; Cotton Growers’ association; Stock Growers’ association; Breeders’ association; Baptist church; M.W.A.; two children, Maud and J. Gilmore; to Tillman county 1901 from Wingville, Illinois; first building on place was one room, now has nine room modern house and is called Capps’ Ranch; established first pure bred cattle 1913.

Carley, A.B. – Manager Carley’s Tailor; born Teague, Texas, September 23, 1881; educated Groesbeck, Texas, Mt. Park high school and business college Tyler, Texas; married Miss Goldie Lalonde march 31, 1909; city clerk, Grandfield; Chamber of Commerce Mt. Park; Christina church; A.F. and A.M.; Knights of Pythias; one child, A.B. Jr.; in Tillman county 15 years; in gent’s clothing and tailoring business at Grandfield 14 years.

Carroll, J.M. – Farmer; born Hill county, Texas, August 3, 1879; common school education; married Miss Pearl Franklin September 20, 1901; Church of Christ; four children, Rual, Iona, Lillian and Zelta; to Tillman county in 19-4 from Cooke county, Texas; settled seven miles east of Frederick, lived there until 1916 when he bought the JH.S. Massey farm and lived there since; owner of quarter section 3 ½ miles southwest of Tipton.

E.G. Carter – Partner Carter Grocery Co.; born Nacogdoches, Texas, February 26, 1896; educated Hollis high school; married Miss Nora Neil December 7, 1919; American Legion; Church of Christ; three children, Garland, Gwynn and Doyle; resident o Tillman county since March 1924; in service during World War; overseas 11 months; discharged Camp Funston, Kansas, June 9, 1919.

Carter, Ray – Manager and buyer Carter grocery; born Nacogdoches county, Texas, October 22, 1901; educated Harmon county; married Miss Blanche Tucker May 26, 1918; Chamber of Commerce; Church of Christ; two children, Ernest and Kenneth; resident of Tillman county since March 21, 1924.

Chamberlain, N.A. – Farmer; born Knox county, Tennessee, September 30, 1856; common school education; married Miss Alice Shell December 26, 1886; Church of Christ; four children, E.M., P.A., Mable Clair and Sybil, to Tillman county 1901 from Honey Grove, Texas, where he lived 12 years; moved from there in a wagon to place he now lives seven miles southwest of Tipton; is owner of 420 acres of land; Madden was post office when he moved here and Vernon, Texas, was the trading post.

Childers, Dr. J.E. – born Mississippi, 1886; educated University of Mississippi and Vanderbilt University Tennessee; M.D. degree; married Miss Lois Gray 1917; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; to children, Stanley Gray and William Norman; from Oxford Colony to Tillman county 7 months ago.

Chitwood, R.E. – Superintendent Tipton Orphans Home; born New London, Maine, November 3, 1867; educated North Carolina, Missouri and Dallas; M.D. degree; Married Miss Alla Penick 1896; Church of Christ; one child, R.L.; to Oklahoma 1914; has been blacksmith, farmer, practiced medicine seven years and lectured in college two years.

Clark, Billie – Manager Billie Clark’s Store; born South Carolina, 1896; educated at Blackwell and Grove, Oklahoma; married Miss Velma Perry October 30, 1923; Methodist church; K. of P.; to Tillman county 1924.

Clark, Mrs. Billie – Manager millinery; born Pennsylvania, 1897; educated Pennsylvania and Oklahoma; married Billie M. Clark 1923; Methodist church; Eastern Star; to Tillman county from Okmulgee two years ago; in business Tipton two years.

Clark, G.W. – Salesman Baker Medicine Co.; born Clark county, Arkansas, January 3, 1889; common school education; married Miss Grady Boaz 1918; Methodist church; two children, Gus Colan and Celita Mae; to Tillman County 1922; farmer until 1926.

Cochran, H.L. – Clark Cochran Grocery; born Norman, Texas, November 11, 1907; educated Cold Springs, Texas, and Tipton; resident Tipton past 3 years; employee at Cochran’s grocery during entire time.

Combs, W.E. – Owner W.E. Combs’ Cash Grocery; born Wise county, Texas, 1887; educated Wise county, Texas; married Miss Ollie Errick 1906; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; five children, Elmer, Clifton, Don, Ozelle (deceased) and W.E. Jr.; to Oklahoma 1923 from Wise county; in grocery business in Texas.

Conrad, G.W. – Farmer; born Shelby county, Illinois, March 29, 1872; common school education; married Miss Emma R. Wolf December 16, 1894; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; Elks; M.W.A.; five children, Velma, George, Harold, Gilbert and William; to Tillman 1902 from Illinois and settled on farm he now owns; in barber business Frederick 8 years; only one residence in Frederick when he moved there.

Crawford, Carl – Agent M.K.&T. railroad; born Mississippi, 1899; attended schools of Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas; Baptist church; came to Tillman county from Mangum 6 years ago; has worked in Altus, Hollis and Beckham, Oklahoma; Employed with railroad company 15 years.

Crawford, T.V. – Secretary-Treasurer Tipton Mercantile; born Missouri, August 10, 1878; educated Missouri; married Miss Anna E. Walker 1900; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; W.O.W.; one child, Alice Mae: to Oklahoma in early days; settled near Sayre and conducted general merchandise store; moved from Sayre to Tipton.

Dodson, Bennie – Barber Broadway Barber Shop; born Ada, Oklahoma, August 27, 1904; educated Frederick high school; married Miss Lena B. Franks May 24, 1923; Baptist church; two children, Bernice and Clyde; lived in this county all his life; worked in confectionery at Frederick six months.

Dosher, R.M. – Farmer; born Jack county, Texas, 1879; common school education; married Miss Nettie James December 1899; Baptist church; I.O.O.F.; nine children, Elmer, Rena, Arthur, Dora, Frank, Fay, Marian, Billie and Mattie Mae; to Tillman county 1902; filed on claim 5 miles northwest of Tipton; owns 401 acres of land.

Dunlap, H.W. – Farmer; born Springfield, Missouri, November 22, 1873; common school and two years high school education; married Miss Marvin Mock 1900; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; four children, Archie, Clarence, Lawrence and Richard; to Tillman county 1901 from Kansas and settled on farm he now owns 5 miles south of Tipton; only 3 houses near him when he built.

Dysart, Mrs. Jennie – Farmer; born Iowa, October 6, 1891; common school education; married Wesley Dysart July 11, 1908; Methodist church; one child, Lemiel; to Tillman county 1907; settled four miles north of Tipton.

Dysart, Wesley – Farmer; born Atoka, Oklahoma, January 19, 1888; common school education; married Miss Jennie Degoey July 11, 1908; Methodist church; one child, Lemiel; to Kiowa in 1901 and settled eight miles south of Snyder which is now Tillman county; moved to farm he now owns in 1907.

Edwards, C.A. – Owner C.A. Edwards’ Feed Store; born Texas, 1875; educated Texas; married Miss Emma Edwards 1903; Chamber of commerce; Baptist church; Knights of Pythias; two children, Daniel and Charlie; resident of Oklahoma for 25 years.

Edwards, Daniel J. – Assistant manager C.A. Edwards & Son; coal and feed; born Tipton, Oklahoma, 1905; educated Tipton high school; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; I.O.O.F.; resident of Tipton 20 years.

Elliott, J.K. – Farmer; born Plattsburg, Missouri, November 17, 1866; educated Missouri; married Miss Hattie Marshall December 27, 1887; Methodist church; Odd Fellows; seven children, Myrtle, Mabel, Ray, Ruth, Virginia, Ola and J.C.; came to Snyder on first passenger train on December 5, 1902; owns two and one-half quarters of land well improved.

Ethridge, Mrs. Georgie H. – Postmaster; born Chillicothe, Texas, July 6, 1895; educated Central State Teachers’ College; married Bailey Ethridge March 15, 1921; Baptist church; been postmaster Tipton 6 ½ years; was school teacher in Tillman county 6 ½ years.

Fant, Chester – Rural carrier U.S. mail service; born Cumby, Texas, March 5, 1894; educated Duncan high school; married Miss Mary Covington February 19, 1919; Baptist church; one child, Eltine; lived in Tillman county 18 years; been in civil service last 5 years; entered service June, 1918 Camp Cody, New Mexico; stations, Camp Dix, N.S.; Camp Mills, Long Island; Camp Lee, Virginia; discharged Camp Pike, Arkansas, 1919.

Farrington, R.L. – Cashier First National Bank; born Decatur, Texas, October 12, 1895; educated Frederick high school and Brailey-Draughon’s Business College Fort Worth, Texas; married Miss Joy McDaniels April 15, 1922; city attorney; Chamber of Commerce; American Legion; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; Shriner; Elks; in Tillman county 8 years; entered U.S. service June, 1917; Camp Bowie; overseas July 3, 1918; on front and behind the line until May, 1919; Sergeant Personnel, H.O. Co., 142nd Inf. 36th Divi; 1st lieutenant in U.S.R. now.

Faubion, Ora B. – Chief operator telephone company; born Lewistown, Missouri, December 30, 1889; educated Missouri; married M.W. Faubion May 16, 1913; Baptist church; Rebekah; one child, Joe Mell; to Oklahoma 1907.

Fitzgerald, M.C. – Farmer; phone Y01; born Wise county, Texas, October 12, 1882; common school education; married Miss Lon Holden July 30, 1905; Church of Christ; I.O.O.F.; one child, Waymond; to Tillman county 1903 from Texas and has ben resident Tillman county since; bought farm now lives on 1922.

Fleming, Ray – Clerk Tipton Drug; born Tennessee, 1906; educated Texas; Church of Christ preference; played football 3 years.

Franks, W.M. – Manager Broadway Barber Shop; born Navarro county, Texas, August 12, 1880; educated Richland, Texas, and Russell, Oklahoma, public schools; married Miss Alice M. Bragg April 24, 1901; Methodist church. A.F. and A.M.; two children, Lena B. and Dodson; lived in Tillman since 1921; been in barber business 19 years.

Gardner, O.E. – Manager Rock Café; born Kentucky, August 22, 1876; educated Kentucky; married Miss Edna Pollard May 1, 1904; Chamber of Commerce; Methodist church; I.O.O.F.; two children, Pauline Frances and Byron; in café business in Tillman county past 4 years; before that was connected with Magnolia-Petroleum, Hobart, Oklahoma.

Gardner, Mrs. O.E. – Manager Rock Café; born Sevier county, Tennessee, October 10, 1887; educated Montague county, Texas; married O.E. Gardner May 1, 1904; Methodist church; Rebekah; Roy Neighbors; two children, Byron and Pauline Frances.

George, Albert – Meat cutter Tipton Meat Market; born George, April 16, 1889; educated Tillman county; married Miss Nettie Smith January 3, 1915; Baptist church; A.F. and A.M.; two children, Louie Delois and Carmody; lived in tillman county since opening; was farmer until 1915; been in café business five and one-half years.

Gibbs, W.R. – Retired farmer; born Polk county, Texas, November 7, 1863; educated Texas public schools; married Miss Nettie Hobbs September 16, 1886; Church of Christ; eight children, Gus, Vernie, Barnie, Hardie, Minnie, Lonie, Addie and Amos; to Indian Territory 1887, located Chickashaw National and went through many hardships in early days; market was so far away lived on what was made; filed on land 1902 Comanche county, now Tillman county; owns home.

Giles, Agee – Partner South Side Service Station; born Arkansas, March 18, 1903; educated public schools Tillman county; married Miss Clara Ward January 16, 1923; Baptist church; farmed in Tillman county most of life.

Goodwin, H.L. – Manager Mitchell Lumber Co.; born Alabama, 1889; educated Texas and Oklahoma and business college Bowie, Texas; married Miss Hanna Green 1911; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; A.F. and A.M.; one child, LaVerne; to Tillman county from Texas three years ago.

Gregory, J.P. – Deputy county weigher; born Alabama, 1871; educated Texas; married Miss Ida Harris 1894; county weigher in Texas 10 years; Baptist church; Mason; Shriner; five children, Daisy, Herman, Clara, Lois and Beatrice; to Oklahoma 1912; settled in Tipton, deputy county weigher 6 years.

Grimes, T.H. – Farmer; phone K.C. 52; born Ellis county, Texas, 1886; common school education; married Miss Ida Mae Robertson December 29, 1907; Methodist church; two children, Delia Mae and Medford; to Tillman county August, 1912, from Texas; lived in New Mexico 6 years; owns 80 acres 1 ½ miles east of Tipton.

Hannah, George – Manager Farmers’ Oil Mill; born Arkansas, January 19, 1883; educated Arkansas; married Miss Tonia Carney 1905; Methodist church; I.O.O.F.; A.F. and A.M.; five children, Carrie, Marie, Evelyn and Faye; lived in Tillman county 6 years; farmed several years.

Harris, J.W. – Bookkeeper Mitchell Lumber Co.; born Texas, February 11, 1899; educated Texas; Methodist church; to Tillman county from Texas two years ago; was Ford salesman in Texas; been employed by lumber company one year.

Herring, C.A. – Farmer; born Fulton county, Kentucky, January 20, 1880; common school education; married Miss Welda B. Faubion December 14, 1904; ten children, Bernice, Robert, Cecil, Vernard, Alma, Alice, Wodrow, J.D., Olen and Odell; to Tillman county 1904; farming 320 acres.

Hester, Mrs. Opal – Bookkeeper First National Bank; born Frederick, Oklahoma, December 31, 1904; educated Tipton high school, Draughn’s Business College Frederick; married Homer Hester December 20, 1925; Christian church; Rebekah; employed in bank for past year.

Hodges, Ina – Bookkeeper Dixie; born Oklahoma, December 5, 1905; educated Grandfield and Hobart; Baptist church; to Tipton from Grandfield four months ago; president senior class and president of Y.W.C.A.

Hooton, W.R. – Owner Tipton Produce Co.; born Randolph county, Arkansas, 1894; educated Pocahontas, Arkansas, high school and O.C.C.; married Miss Della Bowers 1915; Church of Christ; five children, Hillman, Jolene, Ralph, Glen and Don; taught school 13 years; to Oklahoma 1920; in produce business Tipton since 1926.

Hudspeth, Don – Manage Sanitary Market; born Foss, Oklahoma, 1900; educated Sentinel, Oklahoma; married Miss Irene Fitzwater 1925; Christian church; I.O.O.F.; Knights of Pythias; resident of Oklahoma all his life; to Tipton from Hobart.

Hurley, T.S. – Farmer; born Johnson county, Texas, 1870; educated Johnson county, Texas; married Miss Jennie Elledge 1892; Christian church; Knights of Pythias; five children, Pearl, Mrs. F.A. Johnston, Joe E., Bailey and Wiley; resident of Oklahoma since 1900; extensive land owner.

Jackson, D.A. – Farmer; born Lamar county, Alabama, October 11, 1877; common school education; married Miss Hilda Ann Lindell 1903; M.W.A.; five children, Vera May, Crawford, Nola, Enid Ester and Leslie; to Comanche (what is now Tillman) in 1901 and settled one half mile west of Tipton; owns one-fourth section joining Tipton on the south.

Jameson, Doyle – Clerk Bailey Grocery Co.; born Davidson, Oklahoma, 1908; three years high school education; lived in Tillman county all his life; employed in Massie-Bryan Grocery Co. in Davidson for four years.

Jayroe, D.T. – Bookkeeper Tipton Chevrolet Co.; born Texas, 1900; educated Lone Wolf, Oklahoma; married Jodie Christopher 1922; Methodist church. I.O.O.F.; A.F. and A.M.; to Oklahoma 1906; was traveler for James McCord Company of Ft. Worth until February 1926.

Jemison, C.A. – Secretary-Treasurer Jemison-Lee, Inc.; born Labette county, Kansas, April 22, 1886; educated Temple high school, University of Oklahoma; married Miss Grace Callison December 24, 1911; Chamber of Commerce; Methodist church; A.F. and A.M.; M.W.A.; two children, Archie and Ruth Hazel; in Tillman county two years; cashier Temple State bank 1895-1918; banks at Glendale and Phoenix, Arizona 1918-1924.

Johnson, A.J. – Farmer; born Carroll county, Tennessee, 1862; common school education; married Miss Emma Summer 1890; Church of Christ; six children, Tennie, Carzlea, Joy, Bertha, Roy and Cleo; to Tillman county 1914 from Jackson county and settled near Tipton.

Johnson, Tom – Manager Chickasha Cotton Oil Co.; born Texas, October 18, 1880; common school education and Tyler Business College; married Miss Annie Darby January 3, 1909; Church of Christ; A.F. and A.M.; four children, Percy, Weldon, Oscar and Irene; to Tillman county 1908 and filed on quarter section 3 miles north of Tipton; to Tipton 1922; manager of 3 Chickasha cotton oil mills.

Johnston, C.F. – Manager Austin-Johnston Dry Goods Co.; born Quanah, Texas, February 3, 1896; high school education; married Miss Ida Mae Brown December 20, 1919; Baptist church; A.F. and A.M.; K. of P.; one child Lena Kathryn; to Tillman county from Kansas City 1919 and in dry goods business since.

Jones, C.N. – Manager Southwest Light and Power Co.; born Sunset, Texas, November 27, 1901; graduate Duncan high school, two years A. and M. College; married Miss Odie Campbell June 6, 1926; Chamber of Commerce; Christian church; A.F. and A.M.; to Oklahoma 1904.

Landis, F.E. – Owner Landis Barber Shop; born Lewistown, Illinois, 1878; educated Lewistown, Illinois; married Miss Mary Roark 1901; Baptist church; Knights of Pythias; four children, Eula, Harold, Johnnie and Lois; to Oklahoma September, 1919; been in business four years.

Landis, Harold – Barber Landis Barber Shop; born Peoria, Illinois, March 3, 1907; married Miss Winnie Wheeler May 3, 1926; Baptist church; M.W.A.; to Tipton from Peoria, Illinois, 7 years ago; in barber business 3 years.

Lee, E.H. – Employee Tipton Chevrolet Co.; born Texas, June 14, 1896; educated Clifton and Meridian, Texas; married Miss Marion Mack June 17, 1925; Baptist church; resident of Tillman county 5 years; been in filling station entire time; farmed in Texas 20 years.

Lissauer, Mrs. E.F. – Bookkeeper Mammoth Department; born Tipton, Oklahoma, April 21, 1903; educated Tipton, Harper College, Kansas; Central State Teachers’ College Edmond, Oklahoma; Southwestern State Teachers’ College Weatherford; married Sid Lissauer 1923; lived in Tipton all her life; taught school one year.

Lovejoy, M.E. – Farmer; born Denton county, Texas, October 12, 1892; common school education; married Miss Buna Hasley August 18, 1915; Methodist church; four children Preston, Earl, Helen and Louise; to Tillman county 1906 from Texas and with his father, F.E. Lovejoy, settled eight miles northwest of Frederick; has been resident of Tipton community since 1915, living four miles northwest of Tipton.

Lovelace, W.C. – Manager Lovelace Grocery; born Texas, 1872; educated Texas; married Miss Ella Wood 1898; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; two children, Inez Wood and Collard Bryan; in Tillman county 5 years; been in grocery business 32 years; in Robinson county, Texas, before coming to Tillman.

Marteney, A.S. – Manager Citizens Gin; born Upshur county, West Virginia, July 19, 1868; educated Kansas; married Miss August Larson February 2, 1902; township board and school board; Methodist church; Mason; W.O.W.; two children, Earnest and Albert; in Tillman county 21 years; owns 720 acres of land; lived in half dugout in early days.

Mathis, H.F. – Farmer; born Kaufman county, Texas, July 20, 1883; common school education; married Miss Annie Petty December 27, 1905; Baptist church; two children, Durward and H.F. Jr.; to Tillman couty 1918 from Wichita Falls, Texas, and moved to farm he now lives on sixe miles north and two miles west of Frederick; farming 160 acres of land; keeps 600 white Leghorn hens and several head of Jersey cows.

Mayfield, E.L. – Baptist minister; born Tarrant county, Texas, July 23, 1881; education Quachita College, Orchadetha, Southwestern Seminary Fort Worth, Texas; married Miss Mabel Nix February 11, 1903; Baptist church Mason; four children, Clara, Marguerite, E.L. Jr. and Geraldine; evangelist in Oklahoma before coming to Tipton December 1, 1925.

Mayes, C. – Farmer; born Kentucky, October 2, 1875; common school education; married Miss Bessie Stead July 10, 1901; Church of Christ; M.W.A.; four children, Myrtle, Katherene, Geraldine and Imogene; to Tillman county 1902 and filed on farm he now owns; there were very few shacks around and Thacker had three stores and one or more saloons; owns farm.

McDaniels, A. – Clerk Bristow Drug Store; born Missouri, October 16, 1903; educated Chattanooga, Oklahoma, high school; married Miss Dell Campbell August 14, 1925; Christian church; K. of P.; in Bristow drug store since 1924; at Verden one and one-half years.

McClung, W.L. – Bookkeeper Farmers State Bank; born Paris, Texas, October 9, 1900; educated Comanche high school; married Miss Clara Matheson January 19, 1922; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; residing in Tillman county 11 years; last five months employed with Farmers State Bank and before that with First National Bank, Frederick.

McPherson, H. Louvice – Clerk Gross-Fry Grocery Store; born Alvarado,Texas, 1906; educated high school and A. and M. College; Baptist church; played football, basketball in high school and three years track.

McWilliams, J.T. – Proprietor Tipton Hotel and Café; born White county, Arkansas, October 6, 1876; educated in Texas; married Miss Bessie Knipe August 7, 1920; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; M.W.A.; two children, Oran W. and John Aaron; to Tillman county from Texas, 1901; went in business 1906 at northeast corner of Tipton called Farmersville; built first brick building in Tipton.

Nichols, Beulah – Bookkeeper First National Bank; born Bellevue, Texas, September 17, 1903; educated Wichita Falls high school and Cline’s Business College; Methodist church; in Tillman county past (?) years; employed in bank past four years.

Norie, J.W. – Farmer; born Limestone county, Texas, February 10, 1881; educated Chickasaw Nation; married Miss Bertha Degoey February 12, 1911; Methodist church; three children, Ruth, Robert and Gilbert; to Tillman county 1906; resident of Oklahoma since 1890.

Owens, Lee – Manager Cicero-Smith Lumber Co.; born Texas, 1892; educated Tipton schools; married Miss Iva Webb 1919; Chamber of Commerce; Church of Christ; A.F. & A.M.; 32nd degree Mason; Eastern Star; three children, John Lee, Fran and Mary Jane; lived in Tillman county 20 years; farmer before he was employed in lumber company 10 years ago.

Parks, F.R. – Retired farmer; born Towns county, North Carolina, January 28, 1865; educated Texas; married Miss Elizabeth Carr December 24, 1885; Baptist church; I.O.O.F.; eight children, Eddie, Leona, Early, Olia, Abbie, Odell, Ray and Fillmore; to Oklahoma 1901; owns two farms.

Parrott, Leonard – Manager Live Wire Battery Station; radio and battery shop; educated Oklahoma; married Miss Dolly D. Tucker June 11, 1922; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; one child, Billie Russell; to Tipton ten years ago and was in garage business 1 ½ years; served one year in France, on returning went into battery business; is Tipton’s oldest mechanic.

Parrott, R.A. – Manager Parrott Real Estate; born Mulhall, Oklahoma, January 6, 1897; educated Elmer public schools; Tyler Commercial College, Tyler, Texas; married Miss Floye Hall January 4, 1926; city clerk; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; secretary Masonic lodge; lived in Tillman county 10 years; in insurance business last 3 ½ years; was employed in U.S. Civil service two years.

Patton, Mrs. R.B. – Farmer; born Bell county, Texas, 1894; common school education; married R.B. Patton 1910; Methodist church; Eastern Star; three children, Lillie, Troy and Blair; resident of Tillman county since 1918.

Payne, C.O. – Anderson & Payne real estate and loans; born Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1889; educated Southwestern Normal Weatherford and Draughon’s Business College; married Miss Jennie Smith December, 1910; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; I.O.O.F.; four children, Francis, Olene, Evelyn and Eugene; to Tipton 1919; settled in Washita county in early days; suffered all the hardships of early days; took a week to go after mail and groceries.

Perrett, Eugene – Manager and undertaker Darby and Phelps Furniture Co.; born Purdy, Tennessee, July 2, 1890; educated Arlington, Texas, high school; married Miss Minnie Campbell May 12, 1913; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; two children, Maxine and Aline; was in business in Arlington, Texas; Mangum, Oklahoma; Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

Phelps, G.R. – Partner Darby & Phelps Furniture Co.; born Texas, March 2, 1892; educated Duke and Olustee high schools; married Miss Ruth White August 2, 1922; mayor; Chamber of Commerce; American Legion; 40-8; Methodist church; Mason; Knights of Pythias; two children, Mary Kathryn and Garnett Raymond; resident of Tillman county 18 months; entered U.S. service August 1918; in service 5 months and during that time was on both oceans and in Canada.

Pickle, R.W. – Barber Broadway Barber Shop; born Hunt county, Texas, January 23, 1888; educated Frankston, Texas, public schools; married Miss Callie Starr March 16, 1913; Church of Christ; three children, Ida Mae, Doris and R.W. Jr.; resident of Tillman county since September, 1925.

Pinson, A.Z. – Farmer, born Roberson county, Tennessee, March 15, 1871; common school education; married Miss Mary Barnett 1898; Baptist; K. of P.; W.O.W.; four children, Lowery B., Bonnie, Jack and Norma; to Tillman 1909 from Ellis county, Texas, and settled one mile north of where he now lives; owner of three quarter sections, operating one-half section which has a big acreage of alfalfa; been very active in putting over the consolidating of No. 8, also the new Baptist church, one of the best in Tillman county.

Pinson, L.B. – Assistant cashier First National Bank; born Ellis county, Texas, June 30, 1899; educated Tipton high school, Central State Normal, Edmond, and Hill’s Business College; married Miss Abbie Parks September 16, 1923; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; K. of P.; resident of Tipton since 1908; in band 4 years; was in Student’s Training Camp, Edmond, 1918.

Prentiss, J.M. – Owner meat market; born Texas, 1862; educated public schools Wise county, Texas; married Miss Nora Spurgin 1887; Baptist church; W.O.W.; four children, Claud, Luther, Maud and Lottie; in Tillman county one and one-half years.

Prewitt, Deedie – Bookkeeper Prewitt Drug; born Eldorado January 1, 1906; educated Eldorado high, O.C.W. and Oklahoma City University; married Ira Prewitt June 28, 1925; Methodist church; in Jackson county 19 years.

Prewitt, Ira – Owner and manager Prewitt Drug ; born Eldorado, Oklahoma, April 4, 1902; graduated Eldorado high school 1920, and University of Oklahoma 1925; P.H.G. degree; married Miss Deedie Summers June 28, 1925; Methodist church; Delta Pi; resident of Jackson county 24 years; one month in Tillman county; connected with school work in Jackson county.

Purdy, J.W. – Farmer; born Jack county, Texas, 1882; educated Chickasaw Nation; married Miss Correena Evans 1906; Baptist church; M.W.A.; three children, Clem, Willie and Cecil; resident of Tillman county since opening.

Reser, J.W. – Farmer; born Shawnee county, Kansas, October 28, 1870; educated Pottowatomie county, Kansas; married Miss Addie J. Patten November 7, 1897; Methodist church; Odd Fellows; four children, Faye, Norris, Ray and Rachel; came here from Kansas March, 1902; endured many hardships in pioneer days; homesteaded 8 miles north and 5 east of Tipton.

Riggs, Cyrus – Farmer; born Union county, Iowa, February 15, 1877; educated in Iowa; married Miss Caddie Johnson February 21, 1905; Baptist church; three children, Carol, James and Howard; came here from Colorado when country was only six months old; owns home 4 miles east and 6 north of Tipton.

Riggs, Melvin – Farmer; born Union county, Iowa, November 1, 1878; educated in Union county, Iowa, and one year college at Lincoln, Nebraska; married Miss Eura Polan September 30, 1898; Farmers’ Union; Undenominational; one child, Lela; to Tillman and filed on place where he now lives in 1902, from Kent, Iowa; bought a relinquishment.

Rogers, C.W. – Farmer; born London, England, 1864; educated Wabaunsee county, Kansas; married Miss Myrtle Gathers; Baptist church; seven children, Maggie, Tonnie, Myrtle, Phyllis, Ralph, George and Francis; came here 1901 from Garfield county; crossed ocean 3 times; lived first winter here in covered wagon; lived in half dugout fifteen years.

Rogers, Mrs. M.A. – Farmer; born Fannin county, Texas, October 29, 1872; educated Texas; married W.H. Rogers September 2, 1890; Baptist church; Eastern Star; five children, Duke T., Houston, Wilna, Thelma and Wayne; in Tillman county 1902.

Rose, Bill (J.W.) – Farmer; born Kentucky, September 24, 1866; common school education; married Miss Florence Bryant 1897; police judge Kentucky; Baptist church; to Tillman county 1906; owns 160 acres of land 3 miles east of Tipton and 10 edge of Tipton.

Russell, J.G. – Bookkeeper Tipton Orphans Home; born Texas, 1899; educated Texas and Oklahoma; married Miss Grace Fuqua 1923; Church of Christ; lived in Tillman county since 1908; worked in Oklahoma State Bank at Frederick and Farmers’ State Bank at Tipton before working for Orphans home.

Seymour, H.N. – Farmer and grain buyer; born Texas, 1870; married Miss Laura Wilson 1897; director of Orphans Home; Church of Christ; four children, Carl, Quata, Vera and Bird; to Tillman county December, 1902, settled 2 miles west of Tipton; owns 320 acres of land.

Seymour, W.B. – Farmer; born McClennan county, Texas, November 26, 1857; common school education; married Mrs. Nonnie Overton April 2, 1911; Church of Christ; one child, Ethel; to Comanche 1901 and started grocery business at Thacker; after Manitou was started traded his store in 1902 for farm he now owns located four miles east of Tipton.

Shaw, A.H. – Clerk Tipton Mercantile; born Texas, 1899; educated Tipton, Oklahoma; married Miss Elsie Eledge 1921; assistant chief Tipton fire department; Baptist church; came here from Texas 1900; joined navy 1917 and discharged 1919; connected with present company since 1919.

Shaw, G.E. – Clerk Tipton Mercantile; born Hunt county, Texas, November 2, 1895; educated Tipton; teachers’ certificate; married Miss Mae Crawford August 29, 1925; member fire department; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; farmed 15 years; joined navy April, 1917; served six years submarine service; was in World War during entire war.

Shaw, Mrs. Mae – Bookkeeper Tipton Mercantile Co.; born Berlin, Oklahoma, November 16, 1904; educated high school and Chickasha College for Women; married Ellis Shaw August 29, 1925; secretary Civic League; Methodist church; Eastern Star marshal; reared in Tipton.

Shaw, T.W. – President Tipton Mercantile; born Alabama, 1870; educated Alabama; married Miss Mary Ann Hermans 1889; Baptist church; ten children, I.E., Ellis, Annie, Ennis, Alvin, Lola, Gordon, Audie, Audrie and Clifford; to Oklahoma 1900; been in mercantile business 14 years.

Sitton, W.H. – Retired farmer; born Colquitt, Georgia, October 14, 186;4; educated Texas public schools; married Miss Maud Swell December 23, 1894; seven children, Edith, Thelma, Felbur H., Tillie, Bart, Halcie and Rex; lived in Tillman county 16 months; was farmer in Washita county; came to Oklahoma 1893 and lived here since.

Stafford, W.P. – Retired farmer; born Marango county, Alabama, February 5, 1859; educated Kaufman county, Texas; married Miss Mary Bennett August 27, 1882; commissioner of Kaufman county 2 years; deputy sheriff 2 years; police force Dallas, Texas, 2 years; justice of peace Tillman county 3 years; Baptist church; seven children, Clarence, Walta, Hattie, Willie, Ira, Aley and Otha; homesteaded in Roger Mills county, lived there until 14 years ago; to Tillman county 6 years ago; the champion fiddler of the southwest, won first prizes from Atlantic City to San Francisco, California; has played in 43 states; won first at Jack Walton’s inauguration and first Little Rock, Arkansas, over 36; his fiddle is home made.

Staggs, Henry – Manager Live Wire Battery; radio and battery shop; born Izard county, Arkansas, 1893; educated Arkansas; married Miss Annie Mae Shaw 1915; Baptist church; A.F. & A.M.; four children, Raymond, Erma, Maxine and Billie Roe; to Oklahoma 1904; settled in Indian Territory until statehood; moved several times then settled in Tipton.

Stubblefield, Frank – Tipton Telephone Co.; born Exeter, Missouri, November 3, 1872; educated University of Arkansas; married Miss Ollie Bell Paxson October 10, 1906; town treasurer 10 years; school board 3 years; Methodist church; Mason; Worshipful Master of Masonic lodge; one child, Mae Belle; resident of Tillman county 16 years; telephone business 13 years; was railroad express messenger 8 years from St. Louis to Burton, Kansas, and from Kansas City to Oklahoma City 8 years.

Stubblefield, Mrs. Frank – Housekeeper; born Springfield, Missouri, March 12, 1881; educated Springfield, Missouri; married Frank Stubblefield August 10, 1906; deputy criminal clerk Green county 4 years; vice-president Civic Aid; Methodist church; one child, Mae Belle; stenographer Rogers and Baldwin Wholesale Hardware 5 years Springfield, Missouri.

Stubblefield, Norris – Clerk Austin-Johnston; born Missouri, January 1, 1900; educated Tipton, Oklahoma; married Miss May Clark 1920; Chamber of Commerce; Presbyterian church; Knights of Pythias; one child, Patricia Faye; resident Tillman county 23 years.

Swyden, N. – Owner Fair Store; born Brinkman, Oklahoma, July 10, 1905; educated Brinkman high school; Chamber of Commerce; Baptist church; I.O.O.F.; in Tillman county since 1926; started in business in Detroit at age of fourteen with a fruit stand and has progressed up to his present business.

Taylor, E.E. – City marshal; born Arkansas, 1887; educated Texas; married Miss Irene Marsh 1922; Baptist church; Mason; five children, Lela, Donald, Alton, J.D. and Alvin; resident of Tillman county 21 years; city marshal 2 ½ years; farmed most of life.

Taylor, Henry – Jeweler Tipton Drug; born Texas 1899; high school education; married Miss Velma Starcher 1925; Christian church; to Tillman county 12 years ago; served in army in France 20 months; in Tipton drug store 5 years.

Thurman, W.A. – Owner Tipton Tribune; born Leonard, Texas, August 3, 1878; high school education and business course; married Miss Willie Dillion April 6, 1903; secretary Chamber of Commerce; Christian church; A.F. & A.M.; Knights of Pythias; W.O.W.; resident Oklahoma since 1906; connected with state board of agriculture.

Tinsley, C.B. – Manager and owner Tinsley gin; born Garland, Texas, March 29, 1888; educated Garland, Texas; married Miss Marion Sitton August 14, 1912; Chamber of Commerce; Methodist church; A.F. & A.M.; one child, Joy; to Tillman county from Mangum 1911; in gin business all his life.

Tipton, S.T. – Farmer; born Mitchell county, North Carolina; educated Cordell Christian College; married Miss Maggie Watson December 15, 1918; Church of Christ; three children, Delia, Venoy and Orene; resident of Tillman county since 1911; trustee of Tipton Orphans Home; gave the land that the home is built on; was in Cordell Christian College 6 years.

Todd, L.A. – Farmer; born La Salle county, Texas, May 12, 1869; educated Johnson county, Texas; married Miss Lula Collier August 29, 1892; Church of Christ; M.W.A.; seven children, Eual, Hubert, Jewel, Gertie, Bessie, Thelma, Earl and Dee; to Tillman county October 10, 1901, from Johnson county, Texas, and filed on land; trustee Tipton Orphans Home.

Vaughn, T.H. – Farmer; born Mississippi, 1875; common school education; married Miss Clara James 1898; Methodist church; five children, Lee, Ollie, Elsie, Alfred and Woodrow; to Oklahoma 1897; resident of Tillman county since 1901; farms 320 acres of land.

Vernon, Mrs. Catherine – Operator Bell Telephone Co.; born Dallas, Texas, October 10, 1904; educated Frederick high school; married Raymond Vernon January 18, 1923; Baptist church; resident of Tillman county 12 years; with telephone company since 1926.

Wade, Robert E. – Manager City Park Service Station; born Oklahoma, 1907; Church of Christ; been resident of Oklahoma most of his life; been in business here for two years.

Wade, R.E. – Retired; born Johnson county, Missouri, July 10, 1865; educated Texas; married Miss Minnie Taylor 1891; Elder Church of Christ; sixteen children, J.H., Jim, Olney, Fannie, Cora, Alma, Retha, Lenora, Willie, Tiny, Irene (deceased), Robert, Daisy, L.C., Ina Belle and Dale; resident of Tillman county 2 years before opening; came from Texas with herd of cattle, was water bound 3 days without anything to eat; lost 6 days in snow storm 1900; lived on farm 15 years 13 miles northeast of Frederick; moved to Texas, lived 10 years, returning to Tipton and put in City Park Filling Station December, 1924; sold to son and retired from business.

Webb, W.T. – Farmer; born Arkansas, 1861; educated Pea Ridge, Arkansas; married miss Emma Young 1890; road overseer; Methodist church; A.F. & A.M.; I.O.O.F.; K. of P.; W.O.W.; M.W.A.; M.W.A.; S.D.W.; two children, Claud and Edna; lived in Tillman county since 1901; director of Farmers State Bank; held stock in bank since opening of Tipton 1909; one of the oldest citizens in county.

Weiss, Adolph – Manager of The Dixie Store; born Hungary, January 4, 1895; college education; A.F. & A.M.; Elks; Eastern Star; Dixie stores Carnegie, Duncan, Elk City, Clinton, Frederick and Tipton; to Oklahoma 1914 and Tillman County 1925.

Wiley, C.H. – Retired farmer; born Texas, 1855; educated Texas; married Miss Irene Wilson, 1874; Church of Christ; A.F. & A.M.; six children, Arnold, Luther, Ollie, Eva, Charles and Myrtle; to Tillman county from eastern Oklahoma 24 years ago; oldest settler in Tillman county.

Wiley, Mrs. C.H. – Retired farmer; born Texas, 1855; educated Texas; married C.H. Wiley 1874; Church of Christ; six children, Arnold, Charles, Luther, Myrtle, Ollie and Eva; to Tillman county 24 years ago from eastern Oklahoma.

Williams, N.L. – Farmer; born Parker county, Texas, January 7, 1890; common school education; married Miss Charlotte Hamby August 10, 1910; Church of Christ; I.O.O.F.; four children, Lynn Boyd, Johnnie, Hershal and Frederick; to Tillman county 1919 from Seminole county, Oklahoma; farming 220 acres.

Wiseman, J.A. – Farmer; born Franklin county, Tennessee, September 15, 1873; common school education; married Mrs. Flossie M. Rogers 1913; Methodist church; A.F. & A.M.; W.O.W.; to Tillman county 1913 and moved on farm he now owns one mile east of Tipton; to Tipton from Greer county.

Wormington, D.L. – Manager Wormington & Son; plumbing and sheet metal; born Enid, Oklahoma, December 25, 1900; educated Ponca City, Hillsdale, Oklahoma; married Miss Maggie Nichols January 1, 1925; Congregational church; in China 3 years; there when had earthquake in Tokyo, Japan; been on Philippine Islands, Batoues, Java, Guam, most all the islands in that part of the world.

Young, W.H. – Farmer; born Glenco, Oklahoma, November 26, 1893; educated Oklahoma; married Miss Vivian Adams April 4, 1915; member Cotton Growers’ association; Methodist church; five children, Fern, Willene, Samie, Jene an Glena Ray; resident of Tillman county since 1899.