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Football Program from 1938

 Sent to The Frederick Leader and The Frederick Press, August 30, 2011
Cover of 1938 Frederick-Tipton Football Game Program
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1938 Frederick-Tipton football program survives
For most of Tillman County’s settled history, high school football has been a rite of fall.
School athletic programs were established in some schools soon after they were organized. Not every school had a football program, but the schools that did had dedicated football fans.
The Tillman County Historical Society possesses a printed program from the September 23, 1938 game in Frederick between the Frederick Bombers and the visiting Tipton Tigers.
Bomber coaches
The program, which sold for ten cents, lists the Frederick roster, the Tipton roster, and advertisers from throughout the Frederick community.
Cover of the program features a black-and-white photograph with printed red overlay picturing Frederick player #27 G.W. Tucker.
Coach of the Frederick Bombers was John Gregg. Assistant coach was Earl Prestley.
1938 Frederick Bombers
The 1938 Frederick Bomber roster was as follows:
Bob Raley, #25, 165, guard; Duck Bowman, #13, 125, half; Mark Overton, #15, 145, half; Jack Weathers, #11, 150, half; G.W. Tucker, #27, 167, center; Frank Rowan, #20, 148, end; Donald Johnson, #33, 180, tackle; Roy Gover, #28, 172, tackle; Cat Fish Smith, #12, 140, end; Jerry Langham, #26, 141, end; and Jim Wade, #32, 177, tackle.
Also, Bud Kessee, #14, 148, end; Glenn Dobbs, #23, 160, quarterback; Robert Correll, #22, 158, end; Bill Healy, #21, 185, full; Charlie Johns, #10, 140, half; Bobby Dobbs, #29, 158, half; Tom Pritchard, #24, 130, guard; Mickey Burnham, #19, 135, end; Raymond Waits, #17, 158, guard; Jack Jamison, #18, 130, half; John Blanton, #30, 142, half; Merlin Russell, #16, 137, guard; and J.C. Youngblood, #31, 142, half.
1938 Tipton Tigers
Coach of the Tipton Tigers in 1938 was R.G. Mastin. Assistant coach was Herbert Miller.
Tipton Tigers for 1938 were listed as follows: H. McCarty, #60, tackle; A. McCarty, #56, guard; L. Givens, #58, end; O. Herring, #53, tackle; B. Porter, #42, tackle; C. Simpson, #41, back; Frank Owens, #50, quarterback; D. Clark, #48, back; Robert Ethridge, #44, end; Glen Banks, #55, tackle.
Also, L. Stearman, #51, guard; Dale Smith, #57, back; E. Porter, #45, guard; J.D. Brooks, #40, center; John Mannings, #43, tackle; Doc Hanley, #47, guard; Bobby Parks, #54, back; J.W. Tadlock, #52, back; Gordon Elsener, #46, center; Claude Hamilton, #49, back; Glen Newsome, #59, back; Blaine Jarnagian, #61, back.
Walter Swan was team manager for the Tigers. Bill Southern was the Tiger mascot.
Frederick area sponsors of the 1938 printed football program were as follows:
Marks Ladies’ Ready-to-wear and Novelty Shoes, “Come on Bombers!”: Frederick Cotton Oil Mill, “Yea Bombers!”; Community Natural Gas Co., C.C. Moore, district manager, “Let’s Go Bombers!”; W & G Food Store, Corner 8th and Grand, “We’re for You, BOMBERS!”; Conoco Day & Nite Service Station, Starring Carl Waggoner the “Grease Monkey”, Bob Higgins, Agent, R.G. Hodges, Lessee, “Beat ‘Em Bombers!”
Also, O.L. Phipps, Ford Sales and Service, “Tear ‘Em Up Bombers”; Lucky 7 Sandwich Shop, “Everyone Knows – That If We Go Down in Defeat We Will Go Down Fighting! SO LET’S GO BOMBERS!”; National Bank of Frederick, “Let’s Go Gang!”; Southwest Telephone Company, “We’re Boosters of the Bombers!”; Brown’s Cash Grocery, They Serve You Best Who Serve You Most, “We’re Bettin’ on You…”
Ramona Theatre, “Beat ‘em Bombers… Then see the Picture of the Year. ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’.” “Enter the $250,000 Movie Quiz Contest.”
Also, First National Bank, “Do Your Best, Bombers…”; Joe Curtis CafĂ©,  Where Most People Eat, “Come On Team, Beat ‘Em…”; Dr. Pepper, “Enjoy the Bombers Victory March with a Dr. Pepper – Good for Life”, Lex Wilburn, agent; The Frederick Press; Phillips 66 Service Station, Intersection Highways 14 and 5, Open After the Game, “Take ‘Em Bombers”, George Scheller, Wholesale, Walter Hayter, Retail.
M-System Food Store, Frederick’s Most Complete Food Store, “We’re Back of Gregg and His Gang 100%”; Meadors-Worthington Chevrolet Co., “With Men Who Know Strength and Stamina Most – It’s Bombers and Chevrolet 2 to 1”; Crescent Drug Store, Polk Fry, Prop., “We’re Pulling For You Bombers!”
Zumwalt Twins Super Service Station, corner Main and Floral, Sinclair Products – Gas, oils, accessories, National Tires, Cline Givens, Wholesale Agent, “You Can Beat ‘Em Bombers!”
The printed football program also included an Honor List of Frederick Bombers Supporters with the following note of explanation:
“The Undersigned are back of the Frederick Bombers 100%. We hope and believe you will win the Conference Banner against the strongest opposition a Frederick team has ever faced.”
The honor list of supporters was as follows:
Lloyd Pace, J.W. Boyd, H. Foy McMath, J.W. Crudup, Frank Rowan, Guy S. Weathers, James W. Richardson, J.C. Penney Co., Sanitary Market, Owen L. Fry, Arthur Williams, Fish Greenfield, Ed Hamilton, George W. Goetze, The Julia Shop, Ansley’s Bakery, McHugh and Mathis, Frederick Hardware Company, Johnny Wessel, Adrian Brown
The Program
Cover of the September 23, 1938 football game program is posted above. All other pages are shown below.
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McClure Scapbook

Sent to the Frederick Press and the Frederick Leader, August 23, 2011
Dorothy Mae McClure, 1946

McClure scrapbook shows Tipton in '40s
The late Dorothy Mae McClure kept detailed scrapbooks from the years that she grew up in Tipton. Her scrapbooks began during her first grade year in 1940 and were maintained through her high school graduation in 1952.
Last week [See August 16, 2011 post] this column contained information and photos from Dorothy’s elementary years. This week, it includes photographs from the later years.
Dorothy participated in many school and community activities. The McClure family belonged to the Tipton First Baptist Church where Dorothy was baptized in 1946 by Rev. C.O. Bigbee.
Dorothy McClure in 1948
She was active in band, Future Homemakers of America, plays, “T” Club, and many other school activities. She had many friends, and her scrapbooks were filled with photos of those friends, invitations, announcements, and clippings about community events.
When Dorothy graduated from Tipton High School in 1952, she attended college at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.
After college, she used her OBU degree to work in the field of radiology-phlebotomy. She worked for more than 40 years at Medical Specialty Labs in Wichita Falls.
She died on November 14, 2005.
Following her death, many of Dorothy’s things, including the scrapbooks, were left to Mona Fern Smith Huffer, a lifelong friend from her growing up years in Tipton. In the 1940s the Smith family had lived on East Main across the street from the McClure family.
Following the passing of Mrs. Huffer, the scrapbooks of Dorothy McClure were given to the Tillman County Historical Society by her daughter, Lou Ann Huffer McClain.
The scrapbooks are very fragile. The old pages are crumbling and many pages have come unbound. They provide a great record, though, of one young life growing up in small town Oklahoma in the 1940s and ‘50s.
Tipton First Baptist Church, 1948 Photo
Rev. C.O. Bigbee baptized Dorothy, 1946
Dorothy’s 13th birthday on July 8, 1947, was celebrated with a surprise party. Pictured at the park in Altus are Dorothy, Trevlyn Reeves, Phyllis and Marilyn Newsom, Marilyn Abernathy, Pat Pickrell, Marjorie Raffeis, Barbara Andrews, Greta Greer, Vonda Choate, Bub Jennings, Eddie Jennings, Jerry Hubbard, Donald Hefner, Gilbert Hines, Olen Fields, Rex Swann, Lanny Dale Curry, Mrs. Velma Shots, Mrs. Ray Newsom, Mrs. H.M. McClure.
Dorothy and Bub Jennings on his scooter, 1946
Tipton High School Boys Basketball Team, 1947 (scanned from newspaper clipping) – Back Row – Keith Pinson, So.; Bob Jones, Sr.; Bobbie Lovejoy, Sr.; Kenneth Hubble, Sr.; Durwood Weatherford, Jr.; Front Row – James Fred Taylor, So.; Johnny Keith Martin, So.; Kenneth Hefner, Sr.; Billy Ray Hendrix, Sr.; and Merle Robertson, So.

Tipton High School Girls Basketball team, 1947 (scanned from newspaper clipping) – Front Row – Juana Faye Wagnon, Fr.; Betty Hobbs, Sr.; Mary Ellen Wearmouth, Sr.; Treva Burrows, Sr.; Margie Wilson, Sr.; Back Row – Ranel Givens, So.; Marie Davis, So.; Margaret Lovejoy, Jr.; Jo Alice Jones, Sr.; Pauline Jones, Jr.; Erma DeYong, Jr.; Jo Laing, So.
Tipton Driver Education, 1949

Tipton High School "T" Club, 1949
Tipton High School Booster Club and Cheerleaders, 1949
Tipton Football Homecoming Queen and Attendants, 1949
Tipton Homecoming Queen, 1949, identified in scrapbook as Carol L.
"Joe E. drove into a water plug."

First Baptist Church clipping. 1950?
Tipton Tigers, "First String", 1949
Tipton Band in parade, 1950
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The Rush Inn at Craterville Park

The Rush Inn and amusement rides were popular Craterville Park attractions in the 1940s.
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Craterville's Rush Inn was popular establishment

In Dorothy Mae McClure's scapbook [see August 16 post] she referenced a trip to Craterville Park on July 4, 1946, just days prior to her 12th birthday.

She included photos of Craterville scenes and attractions.

One of Dorothy Mae's scrapbook photos pictured the Rush Inn, Craterville's central eating establishment.

The Tillman County Historical Society's Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick holds a menu from the Rush Inn, dated 1944.

Scans of the single-fold four-page menu follow.

Still more Craterville photos from Dorothy Mae McClure's scapbook are located at the end of this post.

More photos of Craterville Park...

Craterville Park's natural pool was a great place to cool off on hot summer days.

The park's skating rink was a popular attraction.

Bumper cars were great fun!

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Dorothy Mae McClure kept scrapbook

Sent to The Frederick Press and The Frederick Leader, August 16, 2011
Dr. and Mrs. H.M. McClure with daughter Dorothy, 1945
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Scrapbook captures life in 1940s Tipton
Good scrapbooks are memory books. When put together well, they serve as a life record of photographs, news clippings, cards and personal notes.
The Tillman County Historical Society recently received a wonderful scrapbook from the estate of Dorothy Mae McClure. Ms. McClure, born in 1934, was raised in Tipton. Her father was Dr. H.M. McClure, a Tipton dentist. She was the only child of Dr. and Mrs. McClure, and grew up in a large house in the 200 block of East Main.
Dorothy Mae Nellie McClure with dolls Anne and Lois.

Dr. McClure had a good dental practice in Tipton and was fondly known in town as “Mr. Spit Please.” He maintained an office on the second level of a building in downtown Tipton.
Dorothy received a scrapbook for Christmas in 1940 when she was six years old and in the first grade. The book was carefully maintained through her senior year of high school, serving as a complete record of her life from ages six through 18.
Because the book was tended carefully, it is a remarkable look at a young life in 1940s Tipton.
The book opens with Dorothy’s first grade report card and class picture. Dorothy’s teacher that year was Miss Minnie Thacker, and she made all “A”s.
Throughout her elementary years, the scrapbook contained report cards and class pictures except during the World War II years when no school pictures were taken.
Tipton 1st grade class of Miss Minnie Thacker, 1940-41
Every year the Tipton elementary students presented at least one play, and there were always snapshots, play programs, and clippings from the Tipton newspaper.
In 1941 the Tipton elementary production of “Characters from Story Book Land” was so impressive that they took it “on the road” for performances in Frederick and Altus. Dorothy played the part of Puss in the Boots. She wore an elaborate cat costume and the scrapbook noted that her long white tail got a big laugh at Frederick.
Many other school plays followed.
At the Tipton Fair in 1941 when she was seven, Dorothy rode a ferris wheel for the first time and she was afraid. The 5-cent ticket for the carnival ride was kept in her scrapbook.
Ticket for 1941 Tipton Fair ride.
On October 28, 1941, a circus came to Tipton. The Al G. Kelly and Miller Bros. two-ring circus featured acrobats, wire walkers, jugglers, cowboys and Indians, and all kinds of performing animal acts. Cost of admission for children was 15 cents and 35 cents for adults. The circus is where Dorothy first saw an elephant.
She also kept photos of her pets in the scrapbook – Bunny Boy the rabbit; Inky, her big black dog; cats Snowball and Brownie.
In the fall of 1942, eight-year-old Dorothy Mae had the experience of picking cotton. She proudly wrote, “I picked 48 lbs. my first afternoon, 47 lbs. the next.”
"The last picture that I had with Grandpa."
As a young child, Dorothy Mae spent happy summers and weekends at the farm home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, who lived near Olustee. In March 1943, just before she turned nine, Dorothy made the following notation: “March 20, 1943 – Grandma and Grandpa had a car wreck at 1 o’clock going home from Altus. Grandpa died March 21.” After her grandfather’s death, her grandmother, Mrs. Grace Anderson, moved to Tipton.”
When Dorothy turned 10 on July 8, 1944, she had a birthday party at her home. The following children attended: Roger Johnson, Dana Kay Pickrell, Jimmy Asbill, Smitty Asbill, Vonda Choate, Nell Worthington, Barbara Miller, Darla Van Gronagin, Gerry Van Gronagin, Marybeth McWhorter, Lanny Dale Curry, Eddy Jones, Elinor Ann Harris, Jane Ann Johnson, Marjorie Raffeus, Donald Heffner, Janice Newson, and Mary Hines.
Among her gifts were 25 cents, socks, a sewing set, perfume, toy dishes, a box of soap, hair bow, puzzle, funny books, a silk scarf, and war stamps.
Dorothy’s father became ill in September 1944 and spent months in the hospital followed by a long recovery period at home. According to a clipping from the Tipton newspaper, Dr. McClure suffered a broken blood vessel in one of his lungs. The paper said, “Perhaps there has been no other person in Tipton more sincerely missed than has Dr. McClure. He has been the local dentist for so many years and worked so tirelessly with hardly a let up, that he overstrained himself.”
On July 4, 1946, the week of her 12th birthday, Dorothy Mae made her first trip to Craterville Park. She wrote, “Lee Owens took Daddy and me,” and she pasted pictures of park attractions that she saw and enjoyed. These included photos of the Craterville swimming pool, park rides, bumper cars and skating rink. High point of the Craterville visit, though, was getting to see Roy Rogers and Trigger.
She glued a picture of the famous singing cowboy and his horse in her scrapbook and wrote, “I saw Roy Rogers and Trigger in person. Trigger danced, counted and threw a kiss to the boys and girls.”
Next week… More from Dorothy Mae McClure’s scrapbook.
CARDS and PHOTOS from Dorothy McClure's scrapbook follow.
Dorothy's first grade report card, 1940-41

Cast of Tipton production, "Characters from Story Book Land", 1941

"Characters from Story Book Land", 1941. Dorothy is in costume, 3rd from right.

Dorothy as Red Riding Hood for another school play.

"Teacher and her two pests -- Pat and me"

Dorothy with Bunny Boy
Seventh Birthday, 1941
Dorothy's 2nd grade class, Tipton, 1941-42. Mrs. Gladys Osborne was the teacher.
School Halloween play, 1941. Dorothy is the ghost at right.
Circus advertisement, 1941

"Ready for Sunday School, Easter 1942"
"Home Sweet Home" -- The McClure home at 212 East Main, Tipton.
Note about the death of Dorothy's grandfather.
Roy Rogers and Trigger. Dorothy saw them perform at Craterville Park on July 4, 1946.
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