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Football Program from 1938

 Sent to The Frederick Leader and The Frederick Press, August 30, 2011
Cover of 1938 Frederick-Tipton Football Game Program
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1938 Frederick-Tipton football program survives
For most of Tillman County’s settled history, high school football has been a rite of fall.
School athletic programs were established in some schools soon after they were organized. Not every school had a football program, but the schools that did had dedicated football fans.
The Tillman County Historical Society possesses a printed program from the September 23, 1938 game in Frederick between the Frederick Bombers and the visiting Tipton Tigers.
Bomber coaches
The program, which sold for ten cents, lists the Frederick roster, the Tipton roster, and advertisers from throughout the Frederick community.
Cover of the program features a black-and-white photograph with printed red overlay picturing Frederick player #27 G.W. Tucker.
Coach of the Frederick Bombers was John Gregg. Assistant coach was Earl Prestley.
1938 Frederick Bombers
The 1938 Frederick Bomber roster was as follows:
Bob Raley, #25, 165, guard; Duck Bowman, #13, 125, half; Mark Overton, #15, 145, half; Jack Weathers, #11, 150, half; G.W. Tucker, #27, 167, center; Frank Rowan, #20, 148, end; Donald Johnson, #33, 180, tackle; Roy Gover, #28, 172, tackle; Cat Fish Smith, #12, 140, end; Jerry Langham, #26, 141, end; and Jim Wade, #32, 177, tackle.
Also, Bud Kessee, #14, 148, end; Glenn Dobbs, #23, 160, quarterback; Robert Correll, #22, 158, end; Bill Healy, #21, 185, full; Charlie Johns, #10, 140, half; Bobby Dobbs, #29, 158, half; Tom Pritchard, #24, 130, guard; Mickey Burnham, #19, 135, end; Raymond Waits, #17, 158, guard; Jack Jamison, #18, 130, half; John Blanton, #30, 142, half; Merlin Russell, #16, 137, guard; and J.C. Youngblood, #31, 142, half.
1938 Tipton Tigers
Coach of the Tipton Tigers in 1938 was R.G. Mastin. Assistant coach was Herbert Miller.
Tipton Tigers for 1938 were listed as follows: H. McCarty, #60, tackle; A. McCarty, #56, guard; L. Givens, #58, end; O. Herring, #53, tackle; B. Porter, #42, tackle; C. Simpson, #41, back; Frank Owens, #50, quarterback; D. Clark, #48, back; Robert Ethridge, #44, end; Glen Banks, #55, tackle.
Also, L. Stearman, #51, guard; Dale Smith, #57, back; E. Porter, #45, guard; J.D. Brooks, #40, center; John Mannings, #43, tackle; Doc Hanley, #47, guard; Bobby Parks, #54, back; J.W. Tadlock, #52, back; Gordon Elsener, #46, center; Claude Hamilton, #49, back; Glen Newsome, #59, back; Blaine Jarnagian, #61, back.
Walter Swan was team manager for the Tigers. Bill Southern was the Tiger mascot.
Frederick area sponsors of the 1938 printed football program were as follows:
Marks Ladies’ Ready-to-wear and Novelty Shoes, “Come on Bombers!”: Frederick Cotton Oil Mill, “Yea Bombers!”; Community Natural Gas Co., C.C. Moore, district manager, “Let’s Go Bombers!”; W & G Food Store, Corner 8th and Grand, “We’re for You, BOMBERS!”; Conoco Day & Nite Service Station, Starring Carl Waggoner the “Grease Monkey”, Bob Higgins, Agent, R.G. Hodges, Lessee, “Beat ‘Em Bombers!”
Also, O.L. Phipps, Ford Sales and Service, “Tear ‘Em Up Bombers”; Lucky 7 Sandwich Shop, “Everyone Knows – That If We Go Down in Defeat We Will Go Down Fighting! SO LET’S GO BOMBERS!”; National Bank of Frederick, “Let’s Go Gang!”; Southwest Telephone Company, “We’re Boosters of the Bombers!”; Brown’s Cash Grocery, They Serve You Best Who Serve You Most, “We’re Bettin’ on You…”
Ramona Theatre, “Beat ‘em Bombers… Then see the Picture of the Year. ‘Love Finds Andy Hardy’.” “Enter the $250,000 Movie Quiz Contest.”
Also, First National Bank, “Do Your Best, Bombers…”; Joe Curtis Café,  Where Most People Eat, “Come On Team, Beat ‘Em…”; Dr. Pepper, “Enjoy the Bombers Victory March with a Dr. Pepper – Good for Life”, Lex Wilburn, agent; The Frederick Press; Phillips 66 Service Station, Intersection Highways 14 and 5, Open After the Game, “Take ‘Em Bombers”, George Scheller, Wholesale, Walter Hayter, Retail.
M-System Food Store, Frederick’s Most Complete Food Store, “We’re Back of Gregg and His Gang 100%”; Meadors-Worthington Chevrolet Co., “With Men Who Know Strength and Stamina Most – It’s Bombers and Chevrolet 2 to 1”; Crescent Drug Store, Polk Fry, Prop., “We’re Pulling For You Bombers!”
Zumwalt Twins Super Service Station, corner Main and Floral, Sinclair Products – Gas, oils, accessories, National Tires, Cline Givens, Wholesale Agent, “You Can Beat ‘Em Bombers!”
The printed football program also included an Honor List of Frederick Bombers Supporters with the following note of explanation:
“The Undersigned are back of the Frederick Bombers 100%. We hope and believe you will win the Conference Banner against the strongest opposition a Frederick team has ever faced.”
The honor list of supporters was as follows:
Lloyd Pace, J.W. Boyd, H. Foy McMath, J.W. Crudup, Frank Rowan, Guy S. Weathers, James W. Richardson, J.C. Penney Co., Sanitary Market, Owen L. Fry, Arthur Williams, Fish Greenfield, Ed Hamilton, George W. Goetze, The Julia Shop, Ansley’s Bakery, McHugh and Mathis, Frederick Hardware Company, Johnny Wessel, Adrian Brown
The Program
Cover of the September 23, 1938 football game program is posted above. All other pages are shown below.
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