Sunday, November 12, 2017

"Boom-a-lacka, boom-a-lacka, Bow, wow, wow!"

Early Frederick High School on East Grand Avenue.

1908 Frederick High Program Lists Students

"Boom-a-lacka, boom-a-lacka,
     Bow, wow, wow!"

   Looking through my files recently, I came across several copied pages of a 1908 Frederick High School program from 1908.

   Reproduced print quality of the pages is not great, and I suspect that some pages are missing, but it's a fun read nonetheless.

   In 1908 Frederick High School was a brick building located on East Grand Avenue at the site of the current Frederick Middle School. For many folks in 1908, high school was considered advanced education. Most students during that time considered their education complete on finishing 8th grade. Many students left school even sooner.

   This program from 1908 doesn't identify its event, but it does include a Christmas poem, indicating that it may have been printed during the Christmas season of 1908.

   Notably, the program pages do list the Frederick Public School's administration and faculty members, high school students, and 8th grade students.

   And... thankfully, it includes the class yell! I think you'll agree that the class yell is pretty swell!

   "Boom-a-lacka, boom-a-lacka....."