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Murrell Bros. Chevrolet, 1935

Chevrolet Models were featured in a 1935 ad (Source, Old Car Manual Project)
Chevrolet for 1935 Sold in Frederick

On January 1, 1935, a Murrell Brothers Chevrolet Dealership ad in The Frederick Daily Leader announced arrival of the 1935 Chevrolets.
The ad was followed on January 7 by a news item stating that new models were now on display at the local dealership on West Grand Avenue.
In 1935, Chevrolets came in two levels – Standard and Master Series.
Standard Chevrolets were the traditional models, but the Master DeLuxe series cars were refined to appeal to buyers who might have more expensive tastes.

Price of the Standard Chevrolet in 1935 started at $465. Price of the Master DeLuxe Chevy started at $560 and ranged upward to $675.

In addition to being more costly, the Master Deluxe cars were heavier, all-steel construction with a longer wheel-base than the Standard models.
Besides having more upscale interiors and options, the most notable thing that distinguished 1935 Master series Chevrolets were the doors.
All Master series Chevrolets had “suicide” doors which opened from front to back. That included the front driver's and passenger-side doors. Opening and closing those "reverse hung" doors had to take some getting used to.
Doors of Chevrolet’s standard models maintained more traditional, front-hinged configurations.

For 1935, the Master series Chevrolet adopted all-steel "Turret-Top" construction, and featured two-piece windshields. Safety-glass was an option.

1935 marked the first year that the radiator cap was located under the hood.
Chevrolet's advertising line in 1935 was "The Most Finely Balanced Low-Priced Car Ever Built."

Even so, Chevrolet's sales numbers dropped below Ford's that year for the first time since 1930.

 Chevrolet sold 548,215 cars in 1935 -- 201,773 Standard models and 346,442 Master DeLuxe models.

A great GM produced safety film featuring the 1935 Chevrolet is located at the following You Tube site:

Master DeLuxe Sedan from 1935 brochure (Old Car Manual Project)

Chevrolet 1935 Master DeLuxe Coupe (Old Car Manual Project)

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