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Telephone Book, 1931

Column sent to Frederick Leader and Frederick Press
January 12, 2010, January 19, 2010, and January 26, 2010

Add from 1931 telephone book.

1931 Telephone Book Reflects Life in County

The Tillman County Historical Society maintains a number of early documents in its permanent collection, including some residential directories and telephone books.
One such book is the Southwest Telephone Company’s telephone book from December 1931. The book contains telephone numbers for telephone “subscribers” in Frederick, Davidson, Hollister, Loveland, Manitou, and Manitou, but was only 22 pages in size – small by today’s standards because not every business or family had a telephone in 1931.
What’s more, in addition to telephone listings the 22 pages included advertising, a business directory, telephone policies, rates, and explanation and samples of long-distance charges.
Telephone numbers of that era varied in length and type. Most were two-, three-, or four-digit numbers. Others contained as many as seven numbers and letters.
For Frederick residents, telephone service cost $2.00 per month. Business costs were $3.50.
Costs for residents of area towns were as follows: Davidson and Hollister, $2.50 business, $1.50 residence; Loveland, $2.25 business, $1.75 residence; Manitou, $3.00 business, $2.00 residence.
Long distance telephone calls were always placed through operators and were not cheap.
Costs for long distance varied greatly, not only by distance of the call and time talked, but by type and time of the call.  A regular call from Frederick to Amarillo, Texas, for instance, cost $1.00 during the day, 80 cents during the evening after 7:00 p.m., and 55 cents at night between 8:30 p.m. and 4:30 a.m.
Person-to-person calls to Amarillo cost $1.25, regardless of the time. All long distance calls were placed through an operator.
According to the directory, long distance calls could be placed to “almost any telephone in the United States, as well as to telephones in many cities in Canada, Cuba, Europe and Mexico.”
How should the telephone be answered in 1931? The directory provides the following instructions: “Time will be saved if you immediately give your number or name, as ‘6342’, ‘4-9013W’, or ‘Jones Department Store.’ This informs the person calling that the desired connection is established. Please answer the telephone promptly. Courtesy to the calling party requires it.”
Cover advertisers for the 1931 book were Gish Furniture and Undertaking Company (Dependable Ambulance Service), 111 North 11th Street; First National Bank, Frederick (Capital, $100,000; Resources, $1,000,000, “A Friendly Bank”; McLellan Funeral Home (‘Superior Ambulance Service’, ‘To serve humanity better’), 9th Street and Floral Avenue; Murrell Motor Co. (Chevrolet); M System Store (‘Groceries for Particular People’); The Security State Bank (‘Cordial, Friendly, Banking Service’), 201 West Grand; and Victory Service Station, Blanton and Fondren (Firestone tires and tubes).
Inside banner advertisers included the following: Morris Supreme Ham and Bacon, S.M. Briscoe salesman; Coca-Cola (Order by the case); Corner Drug Store; S&W Electric Company (Atwater Kent ‘Screen Grid’ radio and Brown Mule Battery service); Scott New and Second Hand Furniture and Hardware, 109 North 9th Street; Spangler’s Tin Shop, Tinning and Roofing; Frederick Hardware Co.; and Frederick Clinic Hospital, 121 North 9th Street (O.G. Bacon, MD, and Roy Fisher, BS and MD (Complete X-Ray equipment).

1931 Telephone Book
Listed Many County Businesses
     Not every Tillman County business had a telephone in 1931. Those businesses in Frederick, Davidson, Hollister, Loveland, and Manitou that DID have telephones were listed in the Southwest Telephone Company’s business directory.

    NOTE: Grandfield and Tipton were not included in the book’s listings.
This week, the column looks at some of the business categories from the 1931 directory. Most listings note business category, town (Frk, Dvd, Hol, Lvd, Mtu); address, building or general location; and simple-digit telephone number. It’s a pretty interesting look at the business world from 1931. This listing will continue in next week’s column.
1931 Business Listings
Apartments: Thurmond Rooms, 304 ½ W. Grand, Fdk 403; Wessel Apartments, 125 N. 11th, Fdk 131
Associations: Chamber of Commerce, Fdk 320; Retail Merchants Assn, W. Grand, Fdk 211
Attorneys: Christian R.L., Eberlee Blg, Fdk 292; Hussey & Chaney, W. Grand, Fdk 657; Mounts & Chamberlain, Mounts Bldg, Fdk 270; Wilson & Roe, Commerce Bldg., Fdk 296
Automobile Business: Cooter Motor Co., 114 S. 10th, Fdk 330; Ford Motor Co., S. 9th, Fdk 307; Hood Motor Co., Dvd 33; Krause, A.H., W. Dahlia, Fdk 508; McNeely Motor Co., 117 S. 9th, Fdk 586; Murrell Motor Co., 520 W. Grand, Fdk 584
Automobile Service Business: Motor Supply, 116 S. 9th, Fdk 581
Bakers: Ansleys Bakery, 117 N. 10th, Fdk 132; City Bakery, Dvd 115; Home Bakery, 108 N. 10th, Fdk 21
Banks: Bank of Hollister, Hol 25; Bank of Manitou, Mtu 44; First Natl Bank, 200 W. Grand, Fdk 127; First State Bank, Dvd 7; Natl Bank of Commerce, 101 W. Grand, Fdk 11; Security State Bank, 201 W. Grand, Fdk 24
Barber Shops: City Barber Shop, W. Grand, Fdk 116; City Barber Shop, Mtu 43; Hotel Barber Shop, Main & Grand, Fdk 11; Sandersons Shop, E. Grand, Fdk 24
Battery Business: Davidson Battery & Electric Co., Dvd 117; Exide Batteries, Gene Pruitt Mgr, 316 W. Grand, Fdk 394; Frederick Battery & Electric, 308 W. Grand, Fdk 478; Kimes & Pruitt, 316 W. Grand, Fdk 394
Beauty Parlors: Mi Lady Beauty Shop, W. Grand, Fdk 130; Miss Frederick Beauty Shop, W. Grand, Fdk 395
Bottlers: Coca-Cola Co., 300 S. 9th, Fdk 135
Building & Loan Associations: McHugh George, Wide-A-Wake Bldg, Fdk 466
Bus Stations: Union Bus Station, Fdk 15
Cafes: Campbell Café, 125 S. 9th, Fdk 14; City Café, 108 N. Main, Fdk 700; Curtis Joe, W. Grand, Fdk 280; Liberty Café, 109 S. 9th, Fdk 231; Lucky Seven Café, 108 S. 10th, Fdk 52
Carpenter Business: Jones & Loftis, 206 S. 9th, Fdk 709
Chiropractors: Hartwig Ora, 104 N. 10th, Fdk 417; Mannon E. 113 ½ N. 10th, Fdk 321; Wolfe C.C., 115 ½ S. 9th, Fdk 35
Churches: Baptist Church, 215 N. 11th, Fdk 619; Christian Church, 201 E. Gladstone, Fdk 609J; Methodist Church, E. Grand Ave., Fdk 243J; Presbyterian Church, N. 11th, Fdk 430
Clinics: Frederick Clinic, 121 N. 9th, Fdk 247
Clothing Business: Julia Shop, W. Grand, Fdk 165; Nuf-Sed Tailor Shop, W. Grand, Fdk 398; Orchid Shop, Inc., 216 W. Grand, Fdk 159
Confectioners: Candyland, Main & Grand, Fdk 315
Construction: Frederick Construction, 105 W. Grand, Fdk 199
Cotton Business: Roby Cotton Co., 119 S. 8th, Fdk 582: Simmons Gin Co., Fdk 341
Cotton Compresses: Frederick Compresses, S. 4th, Fdk 203; Traders Compress, Fdk 314
Cotton Ginners: Baker Gin Co., Mtu 20; Chickasha Gin Co., Mtu 41; Davidson Gin Co., Dvd 62; Farmers Co-operative, S. 7th, Fdk 73; Farmers Co-operative Gin, Fdk 73; Farmer Gin Co., Dvd 65; Farmers Gin Co., Fdk 63; Farmers Gin Co., Mtu 50; Farmers Gin Co., Lvd 2; Farmers Gin Co., Hol 31; Frederick Seed Farm Gin, Fdk 88; Hollister Gin Co, Hol 39; Kilgore Gin, 6th and Grand, Fdk 708; Mitchell gin Co, South 5th, Fdk 230; Reed Gin Co., Dvd 140; Robinson Gin Co., Fdk 704; Simmons Gin Co., Dvd 57; Simmons Gin Co., W. Grand, Fdk 170; Tillman County Gin Co., Dvd 137; William & Fry Gin, S. 7th, Fdk 310
Cotton Oil Mills: Frederick Oil Mill, S. 5th, Fdk 95
Dentists: Ball C.B., SW Tel Co Bldg, Fdk 134; Longwell W.L., First Nat Bnk Bldg, Fdk 451; Rogers J.J., 402 ½ W. Grand, Fdk 348
Druggists: Corner Drug Co., 127 W. Grand, Fdk 9 & 10; Corner Drug Store, Lvd 3; Crescent Drug Co., 113 W. Grand, Fdk 16 & 238; Hollister Drug Co., Hol 12F2; Langston Drug Co., 205 W. Grand, Fdk 448; Miley Drug Co., Mtu 40; Place Drug Store, Dvd 40; Red Front Drug, 128 W. Grand, Fdk 2; Red Front Drug Co, 127 W. Grand, Fdk 3
Dry Good Business: Anthony C.R. Co, Fdk 258; Curreathers & Smith, 107 W. Grand, Fdk 65; Fair Store, Dvd 120; Liebman A Store, 219 W. Grand, Fdk 293; Norwood G.G., Dvd 1; Penney J.C., E. Grand Ave., Fdk 606; Stone, C.E. Co, Fdk 702; Strange Dry Goods, 108 W. Grand, Fdk 445; Thomas Slayton  & Brush, Dvd 138; Tylers Bootery, 304 W. Grand, Fdk 240
Electrical Equipment: Jack’s Electric Shop, 110 N. 10th, Fdk 310
Express Companies: Amer. Railway Express, 310 W. Grand, Fdk 229
Feed Business: McFall Feed Store, 520 W. Grand, Fdk 67
Filling Stations: Bowman Service Station, 301 N. 1st, Fdk 17; Burns Filling Station, Lvd 20; Cities Service Oil Co Filling Station, Fdk 750; City Service, 100 S. 8th, Fdk 423; Coleman & West Filling Station, Dvd 31; Continental Oil Co., S. 9th, Fdk 235; Eason Oil Co., 5th & Grand, Fdk 183; Farmers Filling Station, 127 N. Main, Fdk 555; Frederick Ser Sta, 123 S. 8th, Fdk 541; Golays Filling Station, Mtu 17; Hayter Serv Sta, Fdk 786; Hollister Service Station, Hol 24; Jackson Filling Station, Dvd 80; Kemp & Shouse Filling Station, W. Grand, Fdk 491; Lee Hi Service Station, 222 N. 15th, Fdk 120; Magnolia Service Station, 13th and Gladstone, Fdk 200; Marathon Service Station, 501 W. Grand, Fdk 698; Panhandle Ref Co No 2, 12th & Grand, Fdk 580; Panhandle Refining Co No 3, W. Grand, Fdk 503; Phillips Petroleum Co., 216 N. 10th, Fdk 666; Quick Service Filling Station, Dvd 91; Reasor Filling Station, Dvd 55; Rock Service Station, Mtu 54; Rock Service Sta, Fdk 808; Southside Service Co., 503 S. 15th, Fdk 391; Star Service Station, 201 S. 9th, Fdk 235; Star Service Station, Hol 28; Texas Oil Co., 200 S. 9th, Fdk 441J; Victory Service Station, E. Grand, Fdk 547
Florists: Frederick Florist, 700 S. 12th, Fdk 602
Funeral Directors: Gish Funeral Home, 205 N. 11th, Fdk 91; McLellen Funeral Home, 122 N. 9th, Fdk 121
Furniture Business: Duncan Furniture Co., 112 N. Main, Fdk 411; Frederick Furniture Co., N. Main, Fdk 277; Gish Furniture Co., 110 E. Grand, Fdk 91: Russell S.E. Store, 108 S. 9th, Fdk 520: Scott Furniture Co., 109 N. 9th, Fdk 601
Garages: Higgins Garage, 801 W. Grand, Fdk 47; Hollister Garage, Hol 21F2; Manitou Motor Co., Mtu 28; Prestidge & Newman, W. Grand, Fdk 378; Wade & Young Garage, 110 S. 8th, Fdk 472

Gas Company: Community Gas Co., 119 N. 9th, Fdk 290
Government Offices, City: Chamber of Commerce, City Hall, 10th and Dahlia, Fdk 320; City Supt Office, High School Bldg, 200 S. 12th, Fdk 276; Retail Merchants Assn., Mount Bldg., Fdk 211
Grain Business: Cope & Brantly, Hol 22; Farmers Co-op Grain Co., 200 S. 7th, Fdk 523; Northwestern Elevator Co., 300 S. 8th, Fdk 480; Northwestern Elevator Co, Mtu 46
Grocers: Bell Bros Grocery, Dvd 14; Blue Front Groc., 115 N. 10th, Fdk 174; Blue Front Groc No. 2, W. Grand, Fdk 306; Brannons Market, Mtu 42; Brittain B.G. Store, Hol 11; Brown Cash Groc, 118 S. 9th, Fdk 84; Bryan J. W. Groc, Lvd 33; Glen J.G., 521 W. Dahlia, Fdk 418 Black; Gross & Son, W. Grand, Fdk 8 & 59; Harmison Groc, W. Grand, Fdk 189; Lauback Groc, Mtu 22; Lautherback Groc, Mtu 49; Litton Groc, Fdk 260; Loveland Cash Store, Lvd 25; M System Store, 119 W. Grand, Frd 18; Massie-Bryan Groc Co., Dvd 30; McElroy Groc, Dvd 16; Overton Frank Groc., 218 W. Grand; Payne Groc, W. Grand, Fdk 19; Piggly-Wiggly Market, 121 N. 10th, Fdk 216; Raley Groc, W. Grand, Fdk 450 & 460; Sanitary Market, 100 N. 10th, Fdk 54; Thorne W.H. Groc, Dvd 23; White House Groc, Fdk 34; Witts Store Groc, Fdk 71; Wooten Wholesale Groc, W. Calla, Fdk 486
Hotels: Hotel Frederick, Main & Grand, Fdk 800; New Campbell Hotel, 127 S. 9th, Fdk 27
Ice Business: Southwestern Light and Power, 112 W. Astor, Fdk 222
Ice Cream Business: Southwest Utility Co., 120 W. Astor, Fdk 163
Insurance Business: Ames & McFall, Bank of Commerce Bldg., Fdk 195; Gamblin E.U., 108 N. 9th, Fdk 39; Johnson J.C., 108 N. 9th, Fdk 70; Mathis & Eady, 302 W. Gand, Fdk 193; McHugh George, Wide-a-Wake Bldg., Fdk 466; Meeks & Meeks, Meeks Bldg, Fdk 373; Moss & Emmons, 204 ½ W. Grand, Fdk 211
Jewelers: Dillingham C.H., 109 W. Grand, Fdk 64
Laundries: Frederick Laundry, 603 S. 10th, Fdk 60
Lodges: Amer Legion, S. 10th, Fdk 658; Masonic Hall, W. Grand, Fdk 137; Odd Fellows Hall, W. Grand, Fdk 85
Lumber Business: Caldwell Nuckles, 200 S. 8th, Fdk 196; Cameron Lumber Co., 313 W. Grand, Fdk 26; Cameron Lumber Co., Mtu 36; Dascomb-Daniels, Hol 15: Dascomb-Daniels, Dvd 20Dascombe-Daniels, 201 N. 8th, Fdk 30; Rounds & Porter, 226 S. 8th, Fdk 610
Meat Business: Crow Meat Market, W. Grand, Fdk 495; Sanitary Market, 100 N. 10th, Fdk 13; Waller Meat Market, Dvd 53; White House Market, 110 W. Grand, Fdk 36
Newspaper Business: Frederick Leader, 304 W. Grand, Fdk 66; Frederick Press, 117 N. 9th, Fdk 22
Office Supply: Mary Ann Shop, 308 W. Grand, Fdk 141
Oil Companies: Consumers Oil Co., W. Grand, Fdk 8; Phillips Petroleum Co., Warehouse, Fdk 666J; Sinclair Oil Co., 1st & Grand, Fdk 660; Transcontinental Oil Co., W. Grand, Fdk 698
Photographers: Porter G.E., 110 S. 9th, Fdk 87
Physicians & Surgeons, M.D.: Bacon O.G., N. 9th, Fdk 247; Caldwell Alvin B., Dvd 54; Fisher Roy, N. 9th, Fdrk 247; Mackeller M.M., Lvd 21; Osborne J.D., 214 ½ W. Grand, Fdk 102; Reynolds J.C., 102 ½ W. Grand, Fdk 604; Wilson & Roberts, Dodson Bldg., Fdk 471
Piano Business: Culp Music Co., E. Grand Ave., Fdk 305
Plumbers: Shout Plumbing Shop, 318 W. Grand, Fdk 1; Zumwalt Plumbing Shop, 118 N. 9th, Fdk 179
Printers: Peerless Printery, 110 N. 10th, Fdk 295
Produce Business: Frederick Produce, 202 S. 8th, Fdk 204; Knaust Produce, 112 N. 8th, Fdk 133; Wilson & Co., 219 N. 8th, Fdk 76
Radio Business (sales): S & W Radio and Electric Shop, 114 N. 10th, Fdk 701
Railroad Companies: Frisco Railroad Co., Dvd 3; Frisco Railroad Co., Mtu 15; Frisco Railroad Co., Fdk 20; MK&T Railroad Co., Lvd 1; MK&T Railroad Co., Hol 23; MK&T Railroad Co., Fdk 62
Real Estate Business: Bates J.A., Mounts Bldg., 653; Copeland J.L., Fdk 86; Ray R.O. Real Estate & Loans, Fdk 190
Refrigerator Business: Norman C.K., N. 10th, Fdk 138
Sand Business: Holloman A.H., W. Grand, Fdk 4002
Schools, Public: Colored School, Fdk 751; Davidson High School, Dvd 100; Frederick High School, 200 S. 12th, Fdk 185; Hollister High School, Hol 48; Junior High School, 100 S. 12th, Fdk 285; Loveland High School, Lvd 17; North Ward School, N. 12th, Fdk 392; South Ward School, S. 12th, Fdk 308; West Ward School, N. 3rd, Fdk 347
Seed Business: Allen Seed Co., 118 N. 9th, Fdk 245
Shoe Business: Tylers Booterie, 304 W. Grand, Fdk 240
Shoe Repairers: Quality Shoe Shop, 111 N. 9th, Fdk 593
Tailors: Brandy’s Tailor Shop, 110 S. 9th, Fdk 89; Hotel Tailor Shop, Fdk 500; Nuf Sed No 2, E. Grand, Fdk 500; Nuf-Sed Tailor Shop, 207 W. Grand, Fdk 528; Tiptop Tailor Shop, Dvd 76; Uptown Tailors, Grand, Fdk 94
Telegraph: Western Union, 106 N. 9th, Fdk 43
Telephone: Southwest Telephone Co., 12000
Theatres: Grand Theatre, 113 W. Grand, Fdk 361: Midwest Theatre, Fdk 98; Ramona Theatre, 124 S. 9th, Fdk 265; Ritz Theatre, Dvd 105
Tinners: Sprangler’s Tin Shop, 205 S. 8th, Fdk 241
Tire Business: Night & Day Service Station, Fdk 786
Transfer Companies: Baird Roland Transfer Co., N. 9th, Fdk 45; Stewart R.E., W. Grand, Fdk 248
Variety Stores: Tyson Variety Store, Dvd 153; Wide-A-Wake, 204 W. Grand, Fdk 250
Warehouses: The Texas Oil Co., W. Dahlia, Fdk 441
Welding: Cook Welding Shop, 213 S. 8th, Fdk 399

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