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Early Newspaper Reports

Column sent to Frederick Leader and Frederick Press
January 5, 2010

Early Newspaper Reported
Happy and Sad Events

A few months ago this column referred to the Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society’s new book of news abstracts from Frederick newspapers, 1902-1911. Today that look at items from the book continues.
It is a fascinating mix of happy and sad news accounts from Frederick newspapers of the time. All following news items were from The Frederick Enterprise (which later became The Frederick Press).
December 16, 1904
Robert Gosnell and Miss Claudie Parish were married at Ft. Worth, Texas, Friday. Mr. Gosnell has been one of the foremost business men of our town since its inception and at present is the junior member of the Frederick Hardware Co. The principal part of Frederick is located upon the claim on which he filed. The bride taught school in this vicinity last fall and this year has been teaching in the vicinity of Davidson.
February 17, 1905
William M. Keeler died of consumption last Sunday at the home of W.C. Yoder of the Davidson community. Mr. Keeler secured a claim on which he lived until about six months ago. He formerly resided near Chandler and it is understood that he has a wife living near that place although having been separated from her he has never secured a divorce so she will in all probability inherit all of his property.
February 24, 1905
Dr. F.E. Stalford and wife arrived one day last week from Guthrie to make this community their home. Mrs. Stalford was formerly Miss Mary Massey, who proved up on a homestead two miles south of here, last fall. She married the doctor shortly afterwards, and they are now residing on this farm. Mr. Stalford is a dentist, and is a fine musician and talented actor.
April 7, 1905
Mrs. M.P. Pryer, mother of Mrs. Ed Carter, received a pleasant surprise Monday in the shape of a draft of $470. This was back pension which was due her on account of her husband, now deceased, who was a soldier in the Civil war.
May 5, 1905
J.R. Abernathy has been appointed Deputy U.S. Marshal. This appointment came to Mr. Abernathy unsolicited. His headquarters will be at his place. He is the only U.S. Marshal in Comanche county.
June 16, 1905
Mrs. May Hargrove, wife of Jas. Hargrove, died at the Lone Star hotel Thursday evening of consumption. She was born in Freetown, Ind., March 26, 1879. She was married to Jas. Hargrove June 15, 1902. She leaves a husband and a little two year old girl. She came here about six years ago from the Indian Territory and her husband came later. She had been afflicted with this terrible disease for a year and a half. The little girl will be left with Mrs. W.J. Hargrove, at the request of her mother, and her husband will remain in Frederick at present. Interment was in the Frederick cemetery.
July 7, 1905
On last Saturday morning George, the nine year old son of Jas. W. Boase, living three miles northwest of town, was bitten by a rattler which caused his death a little over fifteen hours later. The boy, in company with an older brother, was in a pasture near the house, driving some cattle. Passing a bunch of flowers he stopped to pick them, when without warning the snake sunk its poisonous fangs in his right foot below the ankle. An artery was struck and the wound bled profusely. Interment was in Highland Cemetery (the original name of the Frederick Cemetery).
July 28, 1905
Jack Compton, age six, living in the Tesca community, is afflicted with eye and brain trouble.
August 18, 1905
The first annual commencement of the Frederick school, held in the auditorium Monday night, August 7, was an event of which the teachers, 13 graduates and school patrons can well feel proud. Rev. Gordon Lang pronounced the invocation. Mildred Winsor is the valedictorian and Lillian Sampson is the salutatorian. The other graduates were: Verona Metz, Fairie Amos, Viva Hargrove, Ethel Swartz, Georgia Hargrove, Chas. S. Williams, Della Newton, Rena Threlkeld, John H. Dilts, and Myrtle Clement. John Carr of the school board presented the diplomas.
NOTE: The book Tillman County Personals: Abstracts from Frederick, OK Newspapers May 1902-June 1911 can be ordered from the SWOGS, P.O. Box 148, Lawton, OK 73502. Cost is $25 plus $3 postage.
A copy of the book is also part of the Frederick Carnegie Library’s permanent research collection.
The book contains many references to births and deaths in Tillman County during the years of 1902 to 1911, as well as brief items of school news, visitors, travels, etc. The book does include an index of names for easy reference.

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