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1914 Alpian Quilt

Column sent to Frederick Leader and Frederick Press
January 18, 2011

Quilt banner reads "Alpian School Dist. 153 July 11, 1914"

1914 Alpian Quilt Lists Names
In 1914 the Alpian School west of Frederick sponsored a quilt fundraising project. For a modest charge, probably 10 cents, persons could have their name embroidered on a special quilt.
The resulting quilt, bearing more than 300 names, has been handed down through four generations of the Parks family and is currently on loan to the Tillman County Historical Society and Pioneer Townsite Museum by its current owner, Kevin Stevens of Frederick.
The quilt’s first owner was Kevin’s great-grandmother, Della Parks. It was then passed to her grandmother, Genevieve Parks, then her mother, Theresa Hinson.
The Alpian School was located six miles west and one mile north of Frederick on the road that is now Highway 5. Over the years, “Alpian” became “Alpine”. The school was located across the road north of the old Alpine Cotton Gin.
The white cotton quilt is extremely fragile. Names on the quilt were written in an elaborate script then stitched in red. Some of the names have worn away during the past 97 years, and others are difficult to read because of the cursive writing. The quilt contains many recognizable names of early-day county families, although there does sometimes seem to be spelling irregularities in some of the names.
Center of the quilt reads: ALPIAN SCHOOL DIST. 153, July 11, 1914.
The quilt can be seen at the Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick. While it is far too fragile for easy viewing, photos of the total quilt are on hand at the museum for examination.
Names from the 1914 Alpian quilt, arranged here in block rows of the quilt, are as follows:
ROW ONE, Mrs. Sam Adams, Mrs. Geo. Stewart, Mrs. Cora Duncan, Mrs. Samuel Ogles, Jesse Johnson, Amy Johnson, Hollan Benge, Juanita Benge, Lea Benge, Tolbert Webb (?), Carl Murrell, Louis Wilson, Sarge Cummings, Ruth Hodges, Fred Nich—gg, J.D. Parnell, Evelyn Cook, Mrs. Herman Nichuegge, Addie Hefner, Perkins Timberlake Co., Leon Nunn, Rosco Cross, Lee Roberts, E.E. Johnson, Ora Adams, W.J. Parton, G.A. Duncan, Geo. Erwin, Mrs. John McMorrison?, Hattie Stevens, Mrs. Jasper Jones (Janes?), A.J. Stevens, ____ Cooper, Katie Cooper, __arrett Cooper, Alma Wilson, Ray Erwin, O.A. Johnson, Mrs. S.B. Stoneback, J.H. Mounts, Ira Roberts, H.G. Begley, Mrs. E.C. Hill (?), Mrs. Houston Hodges, Mrs. __ B. Bradley, Mrs. John McMorrow ?, Abbie Wilson,
ROW TWO, Mary Stevens, J.R. Thrash, Howell Thrash, Hutson Stevens, William Stevens, Mrs. A. Stevens, Floyd Thrash, Rosie Stevens, Mrs. L.A. Storms, Jim Daws, Hazel Storms, Ben Brisley, Mrs. Hester Greer, Mrs. F.A. Polk, Flossie Brisley, F.A. Polk, Gracie McIntyre, John Cox, Herbert McPhearson, L.A. Snelling, Pauline Osborne, Vogel Moss, Laurence Johnson, Hattie Erwin, Mrs. J.A. Mathis, A.M. Bonnell (?), J.E. Joyce, Samuel Ogles, Carlos Murrell, J.B. Beard, Jr., O.D. Canby, Marion E. Parkes, Lottie Hewett, Lela Adams, Mrs. J. McNulty, Leota Weller, Bernie Chamberlain, Lillie Erwin, Mrs. Leo Adams, Blanche Hewett, Mrs. J. A. Fulton, H.A. Kirby, Thelma Adams (?), Mrs. L. B. Nulty, Sam Adams, J.S. Hammond, Mrs. Bert Weller, Mrs. Frank Roetramel, Lon Briscoe, Frank (?) Briscoe, ___rry Reynolds, _____ Brooks, Argie Polk, John Mounts, R.T. Hall, Will G. ___
ROW THREE, ___ B. Murrell, Rose Parks, Mrs. Walter Duncan, Mrs. J.C. Dalton, Mrs. J.E. McConnell, Ollie Dunn, Lester Johnson, Georgia Stoneback, Cleo Johnson, Ola Carter, Genevieve Parks, Leamon Moss, J.D. Osborn, William Ray, Juanita Dunn, W.J. Snelling, Mrs. B.B. Bradley, Jan Crump (?), T.C. Reynolds, Joe Barter, Howard Sharpe, Mattie Sharpe, L.F. Murrell, Marian Sharpe, Luella Brandes, J.R. Brooks, Mrs. J.E. Farris, Mrs. H.W. Dunlap, S.T. (?) Brandes, Harry Brandes, Mrs. J.R. Brooks, Hazle Dickey, J.W. West, Belle Johnson, Mrs. Alice McIntyre, Jessie Erwin, Mrs. Allie Roberts, Oliver Bruner, Mrs. Dora Parker (?), Carl Stewart, Delbert Stinson, J.A. Mathis, G.L. Stewart, D.E. Stewart, Walter Stewart, John Stewart, R.M. LeHill(?)
ROW FOUR, James Polk, J.T. McIntire, Onas Phipps, Fannie Polk, Charlie McConnell, Mrs. M. R___ng, Nannie Wilson, Mrs. O.A. Johnson, William McIntyre, Nellie Cox, Lizzie Dunn, Mrs. Flora Erwin, S.L. Ripley, Della Parks, Mary Bondurant, Pruitt Johnson, Mrs. Edna Moss, Desiar (?) Briscoe, Jas. Hodges, Harry McConnell, Mrs. Ona Phipps, Edith Johnson, Mrs. Courtney, Mrs. J.B. Shulz, Mrs. Edna Moss, S.E. Lovejoy, Bessie Ervin, C_______ Carter, Lillie Pryor, R.L. Gladney, Fred Stevens, Ione Johnson, A.B. Michael, Victor M. Cox, Frank Parks, May Osborne, Prov. Mounts, Frank Moss, Hazel Ford, Joe McConnell, Roy Erwin, Walter Duncan, Mary Ogles, Lizzie Dunn, Claud Ogles, Earl Johnson, Edwin Marshall
ROW FIVE, Earl Johnson, Nada Ogles, Mrs. A.B. Michael, RpRobert Madigan, Polly Ann Cr___, Donia Joyce, Mrs. ___ Murrell, Carolyn Reed, A.J. Walker, Iona Dunn, G.O. Bryan, D.M. Long, Elean Bailey, J.A. Mathis, Herman Kuepker, B.B. King, Leo Adams, Bert Walker, E.M. Chamberlain, J.E. Wright, E.E. Peel, Harrold Weller, Mrs. Sam Adams, Patrice Hewett, H.A. King, Margret Erwin, Destus Roberts, Tarlton Jenkins, A.B. Hester, Lizzie Ogles, W.P. McIntyre, Albert Wilson, J.E. McConnell, Victor Parks, Rosalie Johnson, Edna R. Mosby, Frank Box, Mattie Erwin, Q.C. Murrell, R.B. Hill, S.H. Hodges, Herman Niebruegge, E.A. Hefner, Olyus Hefner, Qaymona Hefner, Robbie Hefner, Mrs. E.A. Hefner, J.H. Ingram, J.L. Gilberth, Ivy Sullivan, C.D. Agee, Lois Johnson, Ruby Johnson, Mrs. J._. Ingram, Pearl Little
ROW SIX, Mrs. Mary Reed, Mrs. R.J. Sharpe, Mrs. F.H. Landrum, Mrs. Lela Adams, Mrs. Lee Roberts, Bruna Hasley, Mae Hasley, Frank Reynolds, James Reynolds, W.L. Douglas, S.P. Greer, Mrs. F.H. Bondurant, Agnes Greer, Frank McCartney, Mrs. C.T. Brandes, Tillie Beanis, A . Lichman, H.G. Begley, E.J. Boase, J.M. She____, Clifford Little, Ellie Benge, Ethel E. Little, J.J. Little, Meredith Gober, Stella Webb, ____ Brisley, Alex Benge, Mrs. J.H. Dodson, Paul Stewart, Wayne Stewart, Bosley, Thelma Johnson, Walter Reed, Mrs. Walter Reed, C.A. Lively, Guy Johnson, R.J. Sharpe, ____ Sullivan, Leon Stith, Ivan Sullivan, B.B. Bradley, Aubrey Johnson, Bennie Dodson, Mrs. Della Parks, Mrs. R.C. Murrell, Mrs. Pruitt Johnson, Mrs. Leo Adams, Mrs. Vera Nulty

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