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Schumpert Gravesite

The grave of World War I casualty George C. Shumpert is located in the Frederick Cemetery.

Schumpert Gravesite is in Frederick Cemetery

Tillman County Chronicles posts on May 28 and June 3 referred to the death of George Schumpert, a young man from Frederick who died in France during World War I.
Schumpert's gravesite (pictured above) is in the Frederick Memorial Cemetery.
Search for more information about him is ongoing.
A December 30, 1920, Frederick Leader article (the day after his funeral and burial) gives his death date as February 24, 1918 at an Army hospital in France. The December 30 article refers to a more detailed article that ran two days previous in the December 28, 1920, Frederick Leader.
An initial search of files at the Frederick Leader indicates that no copy of the December 28, 1920 newspaper may still exist.
Schumpert's headstone is a large piece of granite and matches that of his parents who are buried in an adjoining plot (his father died in 1923 and his mother in 1933).
The stone featured Woodmen of the World markings.
His status as a veteran and casualty of war are indicated only by the word HONOR and engraved pair of American flags.
The grave stone indicates that George Schumpert was born in 1895. The year of his death, however, is marked on the stone as 1919 -- inconsistent with the newspaper article that indicates his death was in February 1918.
The search for more information about this young Tillman County man continues.

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