Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Davidson Friendship Quilt

Mrs. Frances Goodknight examines quilt from the Davidson area that was recently given to the Pioneer Townsite.

Davidson Friendship Quilt Donated to Museum
The Tillman County Historical Society has a broad collection of quilts from the area’s past, most of which are on display at the Pioneer Townsite Museum.
A recent donation to the historical society from Maryla Blanco of Oklahoma City is a friendship quilt from the Davidson area.The quilt originally belonged to Blanco's grandparents, Wendell and Marie Hall, who were teachers in Davidson.
The quilt, probably from the 1920s or ‘30s, is made of pink and white cotton and bears 22 names – all residents of the Davidson area. It isn’t known, though, if the quilt was made by a church group, club group, or community group.
Names stitched onto the quilt are as follows:

   Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Aldridge
   Mrs. Carruth
   Mrs. Campbell
   Mrs. Donahoo
   Mrs. Buster Wright
   Mrs. Mike Daniels
   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sparks
   Mrs. Wall
   Mrs. W. A. Dickerson/Leta Mae/Julia
   Mr. Gillum and Tostie (sp)
   Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dobson
   Mr. and Mrs. H. E. McKinney
   Mr. and Mrs. Dee Tidwell and F. M.
   Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stout
   Mr. and Mrs.  Edd Bell
   Mrs. Hollers
   Leslie, Ruby and W. E.
   Mr. and Mrs. G. H. McAlister
   Mr. and Mrs. Umbria Butler
   Mrs. Smith
   Mr. and Mrs. George Tidwell

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