Sunday, June 8, 2014

Abernathy Day 2014

Fans of the Abernathy story watch as Jaye McLaughlin, as Jessie Pearl Abernathy, tells the story of the Abernathy boys. Fred Peters as Jack Abernathy looks on.


Abernathy Day a Great Success

     More than 100 people gathered at the Pioneer Townsite Museum on Saturday evening, June 7, to remember the early-day exploits of the larger-than-life wolf hunter Jack "Catch 'em Alive" Abernathy and his remarkable sons Bud and Temple.

     Following a dinner of barbeque brisket, all Abernathy descendants in attendance were introduced. State Senator Don Barrington showed a new painting depicting the Abernathy Boys that has been commissioned to hang in the Oklahoma Capitol Building, and two celebrated storytellers performed for the group as Jack Abernathy and his wife Jessie Pearl.

     It was a wonderful meal and program, in a peaceful setting, on a beautiful southwest Oklahoma evening.

     A good time was had by all!

  Scenes from the special day and the evening event follow.

During the afternoon, descendants of Van Abernathy (Jack Abernathy's brother) visit the original Abernathy ranch northwest of Frederick. Above, they inspect what's left of the foundation of where Van Abernathy's home once stood. The family lives in the Tulsa area and June 7 was this part of the family's first attendance at one of the Tillman County Historical Society's annual Abernathy events. They had a great time and promise to return for future events!
Marilyn Abernathy Stevens, daughter of Temple Abernathy, addresses the crowd at the Abernathy Dinner.
Program MC Ray Walker (left) introduces Case Waldroop and Kolt Walker who attended as Bud and Temple Abernathy.
State Senator Don Barrington displays a new painting that depicts Tillman County's Abernathy Boys in the 1910 New York City parade that honored President Theodore Roosevelt. The painting by artist Mike Wimmer of Norman was commissioned by Barrington and State Representative Don Armes as part of the Oklahoma State Capitol's permanent art collection.
Fred Peters performed as Jack "Catch 'em Alive" Abernathy.
Jaye McLaughlin entertained the crowd as Jessie Pearl Abernathy.
Jaye McLaughlin as Jessie Pearl Abernathy and Fred Peters as Jack Abernathy (left) and State Senator Don Barrington (right) are pictured with Mike Wimmer's painting of the Abernathy Boys. The painting will hang permanently in the Oklahoma State Capitol.

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