Monday, September 17, 2012

Radios and Refrigerators, 1939

The Geo. C. Wright Lumber Company in Altus advertised electric appliances in 1939

Electrical Appliances for Sale, 1939

     Electrical appliances were big business on November 17, 1939, when the ad pictured above ran in the Altus Times-Democrat, Altus, Oklahoma.

     The George C. Wright Lumber Company in Altus offered the Silver Jubilee Kelvinator refrigerator which included a cost-saving feature called POLARSPHERE, and the ability to make 72 ice cubes for only one cent!

     The "New 1940" Philco Radio could be purchased at Wright Lumber Company for $89.95 -- "The World's Greatest Radio Buy".

     In 1939 most people who lived in area towns had electricity, but electricity was a new luxury for farm families.

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