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1910 Frederick businesses listed

Sent to The Frederick Press and The Frederick Leader, November 7, 2011
Denny & Muller ad, 1910

Local Businesses Supported 1910 Yearbook
Frederick High School’s 1910 “Megaphone” was almost certainly the first FHS yearbook.
The biggest section (20 pages) of the 61 page book was devoted to advertisements from Frederick businesses.
The advertising section opened with the following message:

   “We will never buy your dry goods
    We won’t like you any more.
    You’ll be sorry when you see us
    Trading at some other store.
    You can’t sell us any ribbons,
    Four-in-hands or other fads;
    We will never trade at your store,
    But at those that give us ads.”
1910 Frederick advertisers in the school yearbook were as follows:
Carr & Pritchard Hardware – “We handle everything that is to be found in an up-to-date Hardware store, namely: Buggies, Wagons, Harness, Stoves, Implements, Repairs of all Kinds.”
One of at least two Frederick bakeries in 1910
W.P. Anderson – “Exclusive Dealer in Saddles, Collars, and Blankets. Shoe Repairing Neatly and Promptly Done by First Class Shoemaker.”
Frederick Manufacturing Co., W.L. Zumwalt, Mgr. – “Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Plumbing Goods of every description, Pumps and water works supplies and Steam Fittings.” Office and Salesroom Ninth Street, Opposite First National Bank.
Frederick Pharmacy – “Square dealing in DRUGS means not only good measure, but quality as well. Whether your purchase is a small one or for a prescription calling for the highest skill in compounding, we give the best quality and service always.”
Parker and McConnell Wholesale and Retail Grocers – “We Lead, Others Follow.”
Cozy Corner – “for something to read. Post Cards, Local Views, Fine Stationary, Books, Bibles, Magazine, Daily Newspapers, Circulating Library, Cigars.” Don’t Forget Us.” In the Post Office.
Denny & Muller – You will find a complete line of Laces and Embroidery at prices that will surprise you. A new line of Ladies and Misses Slippers of the very best. A nice line of Ladies Ready-to-Wear in Dresses, Skirts and Suits, and all kinds of Muslin Underwear. Agents for Ed V. Price, Tailors; and American Ladies’ Tailoring Company. We are always pleased to show you our goods.”
Cox Bros. Piano Co. – “Why not buy your piano or organ direct from the manufacturer? We are the only wholesale representatives selling Pianos in Southwestern Oklahoma.” Offce – Electric Theatre – Phone 259.
Slaughter CafĂ© – “The best in the city. Everything to eat that the market affords. Give us a call and best attention will be given to our customers.” Mr. and Mrs. Deering, managers.
M.R. Blanchard, Graduate Optician – “Eighty percent of headaches are caused by defective eyes. Get your glasses from me and stop all that trouble. I will call at your home with no further charges.”
Wide-Awake advertisement, 191
Frederick Hardware Co. – “Some Facts About Our Hardware: Our line of Hardware is the best that can be manufactured. We have the goods that are fully guaranteed. They must be right or we will replace them. We aim to satisfy. A part of your trade is appreciated.”
Frederick Furniture and Undertaking Co., Geo. McLellan, Mgr. – “A few well known goods: Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets, Ostermoor Mattresses, Dreamland Mattresses, Leggett & Platt Bed Spring, Herrick Refrigerators, White Frost Refrigerators, Wisconsin Twin Pedestal Extension Tables, Sheboygan Chairs and Rockers.”
C.M. Wilkins Ready-to-Wear Store – “A complete Stock of ready made goods always on hand. We carry all the late things in novelties.”
First National Bank – “County, City, State Depository. Invites new Business. Good Bank in a Good town.” C.B. McHugh, Pres.; G.E. McHugh, Vice Pres.; E.H. Archer, cashier; D.M. Long, asst. cashier.
The Dixie Store – “For Quality Dry Goods, Ready-to-Wear Clothing, Queen Quality, Hanan & Sons, and Barry Shoes. Best of Everything.”
Tillman County Abstract Co. – “Opposite Post Office. Abstracts of Title to all Lands. Fire and Tornado Ins.”
Wm. Cameron & Co., Inc. – “First in Quality, First in Price, First in hearts of our customers, with a complete line of Building Material and the Best Paints Sold.”
Dr. Lefforge – “Does the baby digest its food and grow as it should? If not, consult Dr. Lefforge, over First National Bank.”
Dr. W.E. Flesher, dentist – First National Bank Bld’g.
Guy S Weathers, Farm Loans – “Farm loans is my business. I make a specialty of that one thing, have been making farm loans for six years in Tillman and Comanche Counties, and if ever you desire a Farm Loan call on me or write me. Office located on ground floor in rear of Bank of  Commerce Building.”
The Wide-Awake, Josiah Gooden, Prop. – “Dealers in Wall Paper and Everything Else!”
Dascomb-Daniels for Good Lumber – “Sewall’s Paints and Standard Varnishes; Peerless Roofing; Bois D’arc Posts, Blocks and Poles; O.K. Portland Cement, made in our own state and the best; Glass of all kinds.”
Perkins-Watkins Company – “If it is Dry Goods, Shoes, Clothing, Ladies Ready-to-Wear, and Men’s Furnishings, We Have It.”
Lewis Ice & MF’G Co. – “Manufacturers of Pure Distilled Water Ice, Capacity 65,000 pounds.” Plant and office 2 blocks south of W.F.&N.W. depot.
State Guaranty Bank – “Capital, $35,000. Depositors protected by Guarantee Fund of the State of Oklahoma. Absolute Safety for Depositors.” J.L. Lair, pres.; A. Lair, vice pres.; S.E. Patton, cashier; O.T. Hayward, vice pres.; J.B. Beard, asst. cashier.
Gilpin & Cook Jewelers – “At the Top! We have worked steadily up to where we can assure our customers the quality they want, the quantity they want, and the prices the want. Repair Department. Hand Engraving. If you are looking for a real up-to-date line of bracelets, rings, watches, and emblem goods, or anything in jewelry, something that has tone and merit, try Gilpin & Cook, The Red Front.”
Dr. E.P. Martyn – “Go to Dr. E.P. Martyn’s optical parlors now located in the Cato building, have your eyes tested and Toric Lenses prescribed, they are the best. He has had many years experience and is able to determine all defects of the eyes and correct them. He has also opened up a nice line of novelties and racket goods and a clean line of wall paper. Figure with him on the wall paper problem before buying elsewhere.”
A.D. Windsor – “Dealer in Grain, Coal, Feed, Flour.”
Hubbard Hardware and Implement Co. – Headquarters for Implements, Wagons, Buggies, Stoves and Builders Hardware. We have a fine line of Quick Meal Gasoline Ranges, Ice Boxes, Refrigerators, Water Coolers, Ice Cream Freezers.”
Red Front Drug Store – “The Famous Rexall Remedies, Every Bottle Guaranteed.”
Zumwalt, Hodges & Co. – “Dealers in Shoes, Staple and Fancy Groceries.”
The Jenkins Dry Goods Store – “Dry Goods – Notions. Things ready to wear for ladies. Gents Furnishings, Shoes, in fact anything you might expect to find in any up-to-date dry goods store may be found in our store, at the lowest possible price. T.W. Jenkins.”
Peoples Drug Store – “We are headquarters for school books and supplies, Eastman kodacks and all kinds of Kodak supplies, and have the largest and most up-to-date stock of jewelry in the city.”
Crescent Drug Store – “Remember, Our Stock is New. Purity and Accuracy is our motto. We appreciate your business. Call and see us.” Polk Fry and Geo. McHugh, proprietors.
Paul Bustard, the Pioneer Jeweler – “New Effects in Up-to-Date Jewelry. Diamonds, Clocks, Watches, Etc. Difficult Repairing correctly done by Paul, who has 23 years experience. See him at Crescent Drug Store.”
Palace Bakery – “Bound to Please. The baked things which leave our ovens win the approval of all who eat of them.”
Bank of Commerce – “We need your business. You need our facilities and assistance. A combination like this brings success to both parties. We extend to you a most hearty and cordial invitation to join forces with us.”
Mrs. Priestly, leading Milliner at Bell Store.
Flood & Boyd Groceries – “Everything Clean and Up-to-Date. Your patronage solicited.” North Main Street.
Zolninger & Ellison was only ad that contained a photo.
Zumwalt-Sanders Furniture Co. – “Let us furnish you your House Furnishings. We will do it Better, Quicker and Cheaper. Our motto is SELL YOU FOR LESS.”
William Ray, The Grocery Man – “Sells you Groceries cheap for cash. Remember that I LEAD but never follow. If you are interested in your own welfare you should trade with me.”
Frederick Misfit Store – “Buy a $25 suit of clothes for $12.50. $6 to $10 pants, choice for $4. Let us take your measure. 150 display ends to select from. Cleaning. Pressing and all kinds of tailoring done at reasonable prices.”
Frederick Concrete and Stone Works – “We use only first class material and guarantee all work. We have machines and moulds to manufacture Perfect Blocks.”
C.T. Herring Lumber Co. – “Brighten up your ideas while in school by a diligent application of the mind to your lessons. Parents, Brighten up your homes so the surroundings will be pleasant for your family, by a diligent use of Sherwin-Williams Paints and Varnishes.”
Zolninger & Ellison – “Tin and sheet metal work. Plumbing and Heating.” Shop on Grand Avenue.
The Toggery – “Gents Furnishers and Tailors.”
Mrs. J.B. Johnson, Millinery – “Call and see the pretty hats on display at Jenkins’ Store. 30 percent discount.”
Schulze Steam Bakery – “Where the staff of life is produced under Sanitary conditions. Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc. – Like Mother Used to Try to Make.”
Massie-Kelly Hardware, Co. – “Hardware, Stoves, Queensware, Harness, Diamond-Edged Tools.”
New Bell Store, Eads and Johnson – “Frederick’s Largest Dry Goods Store. Frederick’s Lightest Store, day or night. The place for the sweet girl graduate outfit, for Commencement dresses. It will be a pleasure to get for you anything wanted in our line. Watch our windows. See the new things. Satisfaction or your money back. Big sales and small profits our motto.”
The Bell Store, 1910

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  1. I have a very old postcard with pic of the Massie Grocery Co and the City Drug Store in Davidson Ok. Postcard was written to my relative Georgia Stone and it is from a Bessie. I am curious who Bessie is? I believe we had Stone family members I Frederick but not Davidson.. Just a shot in the dar,

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