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Underclassmen List in 1910 FHS Book

Sent to The Frederick Leader and The Frederick Press, November 1, 2011
The Class of 1911 (juniors of 1910) were pictured in the 1910 yearbook inside a giant "11". Although there are numbers by each photo for identification, the book contains no key that matches students with numbers. Members of the class are listed below.
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1910 FHS “Megaphone” listed underclassmen
The 1910 Frederick High School Megaphone likely was the school’s first yearbook.
Last week this column examined the senior class of 1910.
This week… the underclassmen.
Frederick High had eight 11th grade students in school year 1909-10. They were Edward Godfrey Miley (class president), Robert Baxter Plott (vice president), Retta Francis Bailey (secretary/treasurer), Augusta Corine Brown, Vernie May Reesink, Eula Florence Emanuel, Ethel Pate, and Hurston Bunkum Akin.
About their junior class, the Megaphone said, “What is school without Juniors? The Juniors who are neither too old and wise, nor too fresh and frivolous to study.”
“Though the class of 1911 is small, what we lack in size is made up in loyalty to our studies, our school, our faculty, and ourselves.
“The year’s work has been unusually good, and we hope in our next year’s work to raise the standard for we have set our motto high believing that not failure but low aim is crime. To be sure we will encounter some discouragements, but we hope to meet and overcome them, knowing ‘Our chief glory consists not in never failing but in rising every time we fall.’
The Class of 1912 -- FHS sophomores in 1910
There were 14 members of the 1909-10 sophomore class. They were Katie Hitt, Mary Roberts, Dora Dellis, Grace Dodson, Paul Hershey, Joe Rogers, Stanley Bryant, Edward Walker, Vera Smith, Lisle May, Alice Bryant, Winnie Newlin, Trever Longwell, Ray Bryant, and Lloyd Gilliland.
They wrote humorously about members of their class in “Things We Would Like to See”.
“Ray Bryant as an actor.”
“Stanley Bryant on time at history class.”
“Vera Smith without a green hair ribbon.”
“Lisle May without rats in her hair.”
“Trever Longwell with his mouth shut.”
“Lloyd Gilliland with a perfect Latin lesson.”
“Dora Dellis without interest in the Juniors.”
“Paul Hershey seven feet tall.”
“Alice Bryant in a bad humor.”
“Grace Dodson as a farm girl.”
“Winnie Newlin as a school teacher.”
“Mary Roberts without a smile.”
“Joe Rogers as a member of the Whitney Quartet.”
“Edward Walker as president of the Low Hollar debating society.”
The Class of 1913 -- "Freshies" in 1910.
In a section titled “The Freshies of 1910”, the ninth grade class roll was listed as follows: Agnes Showalter, Amos Norwood, Ampie W. Miller, Bonita Walker, Bernice George, Carrol George, Chas. E. Ryan, Charles D. Deupree, Cecil C. Cather, Clara Pyeatt, Early Parks, Elon Rhodes, Ellen Truesdale, Frield Anderson, Fahy Boyd, Guy E. Dean, Grace Bryant, Gertrude Jarvis, George Deaver, Georgia Morris, Herbert Caudill, Jesse W. Miley, Myrtle Kennedy, Minnie Potts, Mabel Barrett, Rosa Lee Kerr, and Tula H. Miller.
“The Freshman Class was organized September 8, 1909, with an enrollment of thirty-five. It is the largest class in the high school department.
“The Freshman Literary Society was organized November 1, 1909.
“The Pick-Wick Club of the Freshman Class was organized January 1, 1910.”
The Freshman class yell opened with names of early automobiles. It went as follows:
  “Mitchell, Maxwell, Ford and Ben –

  We’re the Freshies of 1910.
  Are we it? Well, I should guess –

  We’re the Freshies of F.H.S.”

Next week… More from the 1910 yearbook.

Joe Wynn is a member of the Tillman County Historical Society’s board of directors.

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