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Memberships provide TCHS funding

Sent to The Frederick Leader and The Frederick Press, June 28, 2011
Vintage postcard pictures a Frederick cotton gin, 1908
Historical Society Memberships Appreciated
There is no holding onto the past, but Tillman County Historical Society works to preserve memories of the people from our area’s past and the way things used to be. Tillman County and Southwest Oklahoma have a strong proud heritage. The people and events who shaped that heritage should not be forgotten.
There is no more important way to support the work of the historical society than through purchase of an annual membership in the organization. All money that is raised by the TCHS goes toward operation of the Pioneer Townsite Museum in Frederick and toward projects that preserve and honor memories of the past.
Every spring the historical society conducts an annual membership drive. Although the organization does accept memberships throughout the year, most dues are received in the spring and early summer.
Following is a list of current TCHS members. A look at the list shows that many friends and neighbors do support the work of the historical society.
If you have not paid dues to the historical society, dues begin at $10 for an individual, and go upward from that point. Most people pay at whatever level they are comfortable, knowing that the money is tax-deductible and goes toward a good cause.  All membership dues and other contributions to the TCHS are greatly appreciated.
Dues may be mailed to the Tillman County Historical Society, P.O. Box 833, Frederick, OK 73542. They may also be paid at the Pioneer Townsite Museum or to TCHS treasurer Cathy Riggins at Benson Law Firm.
The current 2011 TCHS (as of June 28, 2011) membership list is as follows:
Ade Construction; Doug and Cindy Ade; Al and Phyllis Allee; Kay and Danna Atkins; Merle and Ann Atkins; Bobby and Carol Lynne Bagwell; Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Bartholomew; Ron and Evelyn Barnett; Andy and Sharon Bennett; Mr. and Mrs. Baffrey Bentley; Loyd and Judy Benson; Beverly Bloom (Krause Family); Bob and Glenna Bobo; Mark and Judy Bobo; Phillip and Susie Brannon.
Also, C &  B Insurance Agency; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carpenter; Darla Carr; Walteen S. Carson; John Cassidy, Jr.; Cacy Caldwell; Tony and Karen Caldwell; Sherrill and Mary Helen Clayton; Su Clifton; Joe and Anna L. Cook; Crawford Abstract; Ben and Felisha Crawford; William H. and Carol Crawford; Jayme Culbreath; Louise Dalton; Sam and Linda Dickson; Dan and Twyla Elsener; Mrs. David Fry; Francis and Edna Frye.
Also, Gamma Kappa Sorority; Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Gibson; Frances Goodknight; John and Maggie Goodknight; Melvin Goodknight; Mike and Delores Green; Dana Greer; Janell Griffin; Mike and Debra Hagy; Delores Haynie; Carol Hefner; Greg and Wendy Howard; Max and Barbara Hurst; Oral and Mary Jones; Sue Ann Kauffman; Elene Kinder; Joe Ed and JoAnn Kinder.
Also, Ann Lemert; Lewis Investments; Jim Jack and Nieta Faye Loftis; Robert and Glenda Lorah; Patti Lovejoy; Jack and Carol Lowery; Pat and Nancy McAlister; Tim and Susan McCay; Joyce McCarey; Rosemary Madden; Shirley Mahanay; Trent and Dawn Mefford; J.L. and Virginia Merrill; Paul W. Nicholson; Kenneth and Carolyn Nicks.
Also, Dena Northcutt; Jay and Rhonda Oxford; Tyler and Lacey Oxford; Roy and Shirley Perkins; Kenneth and Janice Pool; Johnny Powell; Marcy Prescott; Margie Prescott; Ronald and Margie Ray; Glenn and Kay Redeker; Karen Ribando; Carol and Frances Ridings; Cathy Riggins; Zinifred Robinson; Homer and Sharon Ryan; Watha Shanks; Jim and Joani Smith; Joan Smith; Sue Smith; and Sonic Drive-In.
Also, Paul Stoll; C.J. and Gwen Stoll; Gussie Taylor; Ava Ruth Tidwell; Tillman County Farm Bureau; Bill and Barbara Tucker; Ethan and Lindsey Treadwell; Gary and Julie Tyler; James Tyler; Joe and Marilyn Vaughan; Ray and Virginia Walker; June Wells; Margaret White; Eddie and Julane Whitworth; Rodger Wirt; Buddy and Jean Wolfe; Gwen Woods; Mari Wright; and Joe A. Wynn.

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Joe Wynn is a member of the Tillman County Historical Society’s Board of Directors. He can be contacted by email at

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